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day 2…check!

day 2…check!


Home from day 2 of the SMAC show… and we had another
fabulous day of playing and showing off the new products! As always… new ideas
are so exciting to share. Someone mentioned that the show was ‘a bit slow’… but
we hadn’t really noticed! Everyone was just so excited and thrilled w/ all our
new goodies! it seems that GLIMMER is a Universal language!! Wendy and I were
laughing because we did understand the words “ooh la la…” which is the PERFECT


So, allow me to introduce the ‘Glimmer Glaze’…this is
basically a translucent gel-type paint. Not sure what it’s made out of … but
it’s water base…so it did wash off my hands! Ok, well… since there was no
glitter in it, I hadn’t really even tried it until I got here. and WOWSA, it’s
AMAZING! You can get SO much color pop! I was using it to blend the color…if
you add it on top of the glimmer mist, it really moves and blends. (of course,
I have a video of it, but I can’t get it to upload) there are 24 colors.


The NEXT new product that is similar to the glaze is called
“Glimmer Glam”…. Easy to confuse the two until you TRY them. Its basically the
‘glaze’ with all kinds of different combos of glimmer and glitter. It’s the
COOLEST stuff. Not only is it a super glossy, blingy top coat that dries quick,
but when you put it down first, it resists the Glimmer mist, so you can get
really interesting backgrounds. I definitely have my favorite colors!
(chandelier) there are 24 colors also. here is a peek at the colors…




The 3rd NEW medium available at this show is the
“Chalkboard” Glimmer Mist…you just can’t tell until you try it… how FANTASTIC
it is.  You’ll just have to wait
until you can see it. there are only 12 of these.. and I can tell you, that I
am putting in my orders now for the next set of colors.



So I have a few more samples that I can show you that I
created during the day… it was another day of just free play and demonstration!
I am really going to be ready to show off my mad demo skills at CHA.  Now, if you know me… you know I am not
a big purple fan, but I have been warming up as of late, and one of the chalk
colors is this beautiful shade of lavender…I am feeling pretty proud of myself
for going out of my color box!




every time i have come to Europe… i have realized how much i love a Large Diet Coke with extra ice!! getting ice is a trick! tonight we made the less-than-stellar decision to just grab a quick bite at a place called "QUICK" hamburgers. (big mistake)… anyway… we tried to get extra ice, and after we finally explained it, and had someone translate, we got 4 little pieces of ice in an extra cup that got knocked over on the tray and then i knocked it off onto the floor, and at that point- it was over..!! LOL.lets just say this- next time you are in Paris… DON't grab a "Quick" burger! stick w/ the Crepes and Croissants! 

i officially CAN say "glitter" in French.  so be sure to ask me next time you see me!

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