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day 4 (december)

day 4 (december)


It’s December 4th, and our Christmas Tree was not up! Now, granted – I have a strict no-tree-up-before-thanksgiving-is-OVER policy…but with our little trip to Cabo, we definitely got behind the standard time-frame of getting the décor in place! The kids have been counting Christmas Trees in windows for what seems like weeks! Truth be told, I was a little worried about getting Christmas all set up! Last year, Christmas had only but ended when we were in the midst of packing up our things and moving! We had a grand total of about 3 days to make it all happen, and the Christmas stuff got shoved in here, and there and I hadn’t seen it ever since. I was vaguely aware of where the Christmas tree was… but the lights for sure were a mystery, and I couldn’t be sure of what I actually packed and kept.

Nonetheless, once we got home from church, the kids were chomping at the bit to get started. First order of business, rearranging and putting the basement into some kind of order—this might have been the part that we really (eric and I) were avoiding!  Soon, we had isolated the boxes and bins that looked like Christmas gear and we had cleared away a space that would accommodate the tree in the family room.  Once we had the tree up, and the fluffing had taken place, facing the light problem made it necessary for me to really access the boxes, and see what we had gathered up. It seemed like something was missing, but what? 


You might remember, last year I got super crazy and made stockings from scratch and yudued them and they turned out so fab!  I love them. And they were missing! I tried to think what else could be missing, and somewhere in my memory, I seemed to recall a pink sequin tree skirt that I added to my collection last year- but it was no where to be seen!  I was frustrated…and went through all the bins in the basement—on the upside, I found my food processor and my pie tins, as well as 4 presents that I bought last year, and must have hidden really well! 

Still, I was freaking out about the stockings.

But… I had bigger problems. Tomorrow I am filming at My Craft Channel and I am almost ready, but frankly, worrying about the stockings would have to wait until tomorrow afternoon.

Enter Cory: resident finder.

Approx 20 minutes later, I heard some kind of victory dance down below, and I am not sure how he did it, but he located an entire box that I hadn’t even seen! And it was FULL of all my goodies from last year!  (including the sparkly pink tree skirt! I knew I had one!) 

I explained to the kids that our festive decorating would resume tomorrow evening, and started putting the littles to bed.  But I could hear the boys laughing, laughing…and when I came downstairs, the trimming of the tree was complete (according to their standards).  Every ornament and bauble hung on the trees with adorable boyish charm! 

Quincy kicked butt cleaning up the basement.

Cory totally found the missing gear.

Colton made the measly 4 strands of lights that I could find work…

And (for now) the tree is trimmed.


I did break it to them that I would be ‘re-arranging’ a few things.

And Colton said, “cory totally called that”.

Feeling really grateful for my kids tonight.


  1. cause they get me
  2. the accept my crazy, and work with it AND around it.
  3. they love Christmas décor! It’s important to them, and makes them happy.
  4. and most helpful, they categorized their Christmas lists into “stocking stuffers” and “wrap-ables” (who does that?)






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