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days of the week hangers!

days of the week hangers!

so you can't tell me that my daughter is the only one that is up in her room for 30 minutes every morning agonizing about what she is going to wear to school… i totally remember having the same issue when i was in school! (now i just stay in my pj's all day!) …i used to WISH that we had to wear uniforms (well, that was after that show 'girls just wanna have fun' came out).  i think that figuring out what to wear everyday is agonizing, second only to deciding what to make for dinner!

after only ONE day back to school…i came up with a great idea to cut down on that morning struggle!:


"day of the week hangers"! …….this way, on sunday, she can map out her entire week of outfits, and she's good to go!

Wed so… this little project is a double whammy… it's also a great PROJECT for your little princess AND her friends! all you need are some regular plastic hangers (we have white ones)… and these are the kids variety- and then you just need some of that decorative DUCK tape. it comes in a bunch of different colors and styles. i grabbed the zebra and the neon pink! Group there is something of a trick to it- you can't really just take and wrap the tape around the hanger- like you might thing… instead, i used small pieces, and wrapped those around until the whole thing is covered. also, it's good to realize that DUCK tape is easy to rip- you don't need to use scissors- (usually just sticks to the scissors). you can sit the girls down, and let them wrap hangers for a couple hours!


to make the days of the week flags- i just printed them out onto white Bazzill cardstock, and encased them in shipping tape!  it's like an insta-lamination job! i just taped around the neck of the hanger. Quincy's room is pink, green and black- so i added some lime tulle for fun! 

before i knew it, she had a whole week of outfits in the line up!  PERFECT! mission accomplished….

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