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decking my halls…

decking my halls…

i am revamping a bit this year…granted, not spending any money- just 'repurposing' and 'making it work'… this is involving some spray paint, some glitter and a little Parisian Anthology! i admit to being totally inspired by my amazing partners at House of 3… and we'll be sharing a little glimpse tomorrow night on the webshow. we will be playing with all the stuff in THIS KIT...

here is a peek: 

when you see Rhonna's creations… you will melt!! and what Janet just showed me on ichat… fabulous! she just comes up with such clever ideas… i can't wait to share! 

i am in the process of spray painting frames, and creating little "art pieces" to hang and tuck here and there…i think it's starting to come together! seems like each new idea sparks another! i used Tattered Angels glam and glazes on these Cardboard letters… and i'll be sharing the secret behind this fun little trees.

ok… same time, same place… CLICK HERE … Wed night… Dec.1 8pm in Utah, (and Arizona)


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