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decking the halls… and a winner!

decking the halls… and a winner!


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As promised… I am giving away one of these very limited edition ‘Holly Jolly” charms today!  Not very scientifically, I had my little Capri pick a number, and you my friend KATHY BRITTON are the winner!  Congrats! (please contact me on Facebook so i can send this out to you asap!) Bcharmed threw in a beautiful chain as well!  I hope that you enjoy him very much, and that he brightens your day, and brings you joy for many years to come! You will LOVE the gorgeous little box the charm comes in, complete with a hidden compartment and future storage for your charm, and the lovely velvet draw string bag the chain comes in!  perfect for gift giving! (that little star is not included…i added that to mine!) Merry Christmas! i was visiting the Bcharmed offices yesterday, and they told me that there are only a few of the Holly Jolly charms left and i also learned that the chain would be on sale for 30% off today only! so if you are still considering buying it as a gift, act fast!

As I read through all the comments, I was so impressed with how many of you said that you don’t get struck with the holiday blues! I am so thankful for those of you who responded with your strategies… and I appreciate all your good ideas.

Photo 1
I might have figured out what works for me on Tuesday!

I posted earlier the crazy scene from Sunday night- the pulling everything out, the kids decking the halls… but Monday morning, I woke up (well, after a short night of sleep) to boxes, bins, bits and pieces strewn everywhere. The house looked like a holiday bomb had gone off, and not in a good way.  Since this is our first year in this house- I didn’t have a plan for how to set up. But Monday- I couldn’t think about it.  Woke up Tuesday, the mess was still there, but even more pilfered through and spread amuck. And it just seemed like more than I could tackle.

I sat on the couch for a good 20 minutes staring at it, feeling a little paralyzed – and then it hit me- a tiny notion to re-arrange the furniture! And that was all I needed…I realized that I could think outside the box a little, and look at everything from a different perspective! If I was being honest, I would tell you that I would love all new decorations. I’d love to buy a flocked pre-lit tree… and scrap it all. But it was ‘make it work’ time. 


I took some of your advice, and cranked up the Christmas music… and you know- it worked!  (true confession time: I love the Hillary Duff  Christmas Album) pretty soon I had the furniture moved, and a vision. All it took was a quick trip to Target for a few more lights, couple more tree skirts, peppermint candies and pink jewel ornaments.


Eric was happy to hang my ‘joy to the world’ banner and figure out how to hang a frame on that rock fireplace. And he didn’t make any snide comments about the fact that I put up 12 trees.

Family room 1

It made me so happy! by dinner time I had consolidated all the empty bins and boxes and stowed them in the basement. All the chaos had been cleared, and we were left with a sparkling, happy, festive home… and probably more importantly, a happy mom. (this a birds eye view from my scrapbook studio in the loft)


I think that you do have to know what makes YOU happy. however little. However irrelevant. YOU matter. I know that Christmas is NOT about 12 trees crammed into your family room. Or the stockings. Or the presents. But it IS about JOY. And while all that can be a distraction from the Savior… when you sit back and think about the birth of the Savior, and we make such a big deal out of it…there is NO room for sadness. The Celebration should be grand, and it should be sweet…and all things should point to CHRIST.  And that is what I am going to think about when I sit in the glow of the lights and candles… with a prayer that the sweet spirit of Christmas will fill this house this month.

thanks everyone! and merry christmas!



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