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The thing that I hate more than being tired is wasting time, and missing opportunities WHILE I waste time!! I am totally irritated at the moment as I am sitting on the hard, dirty floor of the Chicago airport next to the one and only plug that I could find in this whole concourse…I have been here since 7am, back when I had a 9am flight… which then became a 12:27 and has just now bumped up to a 3:50pm. And truth be told, this is a good opportunity to catch up on emails, review show and meeting notes, as well as work on brainstorming for all the new stuff that has been served up onto my plate. But still… that ever present ‘if I only knew’… I would be in the city SHOPPING on the magnificent mile… for sure buying carmel corn and making my way to Paper Source. And certainly, just to make myself feel better about the delay, buy a new shirt or shoes or something!! (smile). It’s a beautiful day here in Chicago. I am pacifying myself by downloading new music for the flight, and reading blogs. (neither of which is very productive). Video_snapshot

I miss my family. I have been informed that Capri can now climb out of her crib by herself, which is a record early age in our household. (congrats on your new crib, Connor!).  I was also informed that dad makes better stroganoff than me! (congrats on your new job, Eric!) I am ready to go home. I think that no matter where you go, and no matter where you live, it’s always good to go home. But for the next couple of hours, I think I am going to go and find some chips and salsa.

Janet is doing a few little giveaways on her blog– she pilfered some of the new release from the booth. She is nice… I am not giving any of mine away! (smile)

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