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demo-ing and samples!

demo-ing and samples!


k, it's a totally weird thing to be demoing to people that can't understand a thing you say! LOL… actually, by the end of the day, i wound up knowing some key words in French that i am sure i totally massacred in the pronunciation! you know, those critical words like 'transparent' and 'opaque' and 'glitter'…LOL. the day was SO much fun, cause basically i just got to play play play! i got to experiment with the colors, and the different products, and it was so no-pressure, FUN creative time (with an audience).  i learned some really cool things to do w/ the new Glimmer Glaze… i am REALLY loving that. and the 'Chalkboard' glimmer mist- if you have ever used the Marshmallow Glimmer Mist, then you have a little idea of how amazing the Chalkboad Glimmer Mist really is. it's SO cool- very opaque and delivers quite a punch. a n y w a y… 


(this is wendy's pile)


these tags are from one of my new product skus…

above are Tattered Angels chip tiles… we filmed a little video about this fun technique, and we are trying to upload it as i type! so we'll see if that works… this internet connection is a little weak. (but i am THANKFUL for what i have!!)

new chipboard Tattered Angles chipboard letters, w/ my fascination of Glimmer misting Crepe paper…


more of my tags… these are AMAZING w/ the chalkboard glimmer mist.

here is a before/after of a Tattered Angels tag- these are fun (preprinted)

and here is a little sneak peek of a couple pages (still in the works).

i am just fighting to keep my eyes open! maybe some video links by a.m.

sweet dreams!

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