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desktop organizer at my craft channel

desktop organizer at my craft channel

it’s Wednesday and today a popular episode of Create to Remember on My Craft Channel is playing again! i just love this desktop organizer and I know there are so many of you that have asked where you can find one because they are no longer available at Jo-Ann stores. i am so excited to say that My Craft Channel has had it as their daily buy!

Desktop Organizer @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff

this organizer is a place where I love to just have sitting on my counter at home and be a place for photos, tags, inspirational quotes and more! it’s my ‘eye candy’! you can read about it in my original post right here or in my second e*idea book released earlier this year (flip to chapter 5)! click here to read the magazine for free!

watch the episode below and click here to get yourself one at My Craft Channel!!!

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