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DIY foiled wedding invite INSPIRATION + FREEBIE

DIY foiled wedding invite INSPIRATION + FREEBIE

i really love weddings. when i was young…i really wanted to be a “wedding planner”. so really… between the Marquee Love, and the Minc… it’s like a match in DIY heaven if you ask me! SO, when i was at the National Stationary Show in NYC last month, i wanted to put together  some wedding inspiration!

i actually started by recruiting some help from Margie at The Lovely Ave for some beautiful paper flowers!


i had a fun idea to combine her flowers with some moss inside Marquee letters that had been spray painted gold.


when i went to her home, i spent some time teaching her about the Minc, and the Minc reactive mist and paint! we experimented with them on the crepe before she made them into flowers, and at the results were stunning! She created enough flowers for me to create a GORGEOUS display!


i love this so much (except that somehow i didn’t get a photo when the letters were lit, i’m so bummed) i added some real eucalyptus along with the paper flowers, and the result was amazing! HS_nss

you can see the amazing boutineers that she also created for my display! she is just so talented!


i also have a little obsession with drip cakes… and while this was a FAKE cake that i carried on the plane with me from SLC to NYC… it’s amazing with these flowers! The little touches of gold on the petals was fantastic!


i really wanted to showcase how you could create DIY wedding invitations using the Minc machine – and i just LOVE how the white foil POPS agains this kraft paper!


i created these just to showcase some of the different things you could do with the Minc – but i had so much fun pretending that there was a real wedding!

HERE IS MY SECRET: in order to have printing behind the foiled images, you have to use 2 printers! you need both an INKJET printer AND a LASER printer. For example, in the images above – i printed the floral pattern first onto a smooth paper. (smooth paper is critical!) i used Co’ordinations black and kraft cardstock that i purchased from JoAnn. you then have to run the same paper through your laser printer, and print the parts that you wish to foil. the foil ONLY sticks to whatever is printed with the laser printer! it’s that simple.

ok… do you want to try it?


i created these prints for my summery gallery wall… i used the same technique for these three! you will need 2 files to create this “TAKE IT EASY” print.

  1. DOWNLOAD BOTH the “take it” and the “easy” PDF prints.
  2. First print the “TAKE IT” onto a piece of smooth white cardstock using your INKJET printer.
  3. Second- open the “EASY” pdf, and print it right over the top of the “take it”.
  4. add foil over the “easy” part of the print, and send it through your Minc machine!

i hope these ideas will spark some creative ideas for you and any of your big events coming up!  i love how the Minc machine and Marquee lights make it possible to MAKE PRETTY STUFF!

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