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DIY Minc wedding invite HOW-TO!

DIY Minc wedding invite HOW-TO!

ever since the Minc came out last year, i have secretly wanted to turn back time so i could use it to create my own wedding invitations! i just LOVE the possibilities that the MINC foil applicator machine provides for a DIY girl! i have been recruited to help out with an upcoming wedding for a dear friend… and i have been so excited to go to work on the invitations! today i want to walk you through the process of creating a DIY wedding invitation from start to finish, along with all my favorite tips! of course you can use the same ideas/steps for creating ANY type of invitation or announcement! the possibilities are indeed endless!

first off… i’d like to introduce you to Doug and Taylor!


Taylor is my neighbor, and is about the sweetest, cutest, kindest girl you could ever meet! she and Doug met at BYU (Brigham Young University) in Provo, Utah and have decided to be married in the LDS Salt Lake Temple. (pc: david daniels photography )


this gorgeous temple is located right in the heart of Salt Lake City and is one of the early temples built by the saints who settled in the Salt Lake valley. it’s absolutely amazing. i was also married here over 20 years ago! as i was creating this invitation for Doug and Taylor, it was necessary for me to take into consideration the traditions and plans for their wedding day!


first up… just a little background on an LDS (Latter-Day Saint) wedding because it’s just a little different from a typical wedding. in order to enter into any of the LDS temples all over the world, one must be a “temple recommend holder”. that means that you are considered “worthy” and living by all the requirements to enter into this sacred place. usually, there are only close family members and friends that will be included in that ceremony that seals the couple for not only time, but also for eternity. in the LDS (mormon) faith, this is the foundation for a “Forever Family”.  usually, after the wedding ceremony has been performed, a large reception is held for all friends and family to celebrate the happy couple! typically here, wedding receptions are large events that families come together and light refreshments and/or cake is served and they can visit with the newlyweds before they are sent off on their honeymoon, and the beginning of their life together! Doug is from the Washington area and Taylor is from here in Salt Lake City, so they were planning on having a celebration in each home town! they are also planning on a wedding dinner for close family members, and the wedding party for the night before.  we wanted to roll all these events into one invitation! we were creating 350 invitations, 60 that would hold invites to either the wedding dinner or the sealing ceremony.


after looking through their engagement photos, i decided that it would be perfect to use one for the background of the invitation. i designed the invites in photoshop, and organized the information so that the photo was kept on it’s own “layer”, separate from the words that i wanted to be foiled with gold using the Minc

1. INVITE SIZE: the very first step is to decide on the SIZE of the invitation. you want to make sure that you can get envelopes that will fit the invite perfectly! we decided on a basic white envelope 5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″ that i could easily pick up from a paper store.

2. PAPER TYPE: knowing that we wanted to print and foil using the MINC machine, it was critical that we choose a smooth cardstock that works well with the foiling process. i purchased 110 lb. white, smooth cardstock from Office Max in a ream of 250.


3. PRINTING: i used 2 different printers to create this invitation! in order to print a background that IS NOT foiled, and a layer that IS foiled, you must have both an INK JET PRINTER and a LASER JET PRINTER! most people already have an inkjet printer, and as long as you have fresh, new ink… pretty much any inkjet will work for the background.  the KEY TO SUCCESS with the print/foil combo is a really GOOD laser print. the ONLY printer that i recommend… is the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w  .

4. DESIGN: now i am not a super-star in photoshop… i am more just that “knows enough to get by” type.  (i will say that being able to create basic stuff in Photoshop is a valuable life skill that i use often for parties, invitations, church handouts, holiday cards etc.)


**after looking at lots of different wedding invites and announcements on pinterest, i kinda created my own verbiage for the invite, and ran it by the bride who was happy with how it sounded! there is no “set” wording out there, so i really believe you have to make it YOU! i recommend that you spend just a little time deciding on what you want it to say!**

because the couple was planning 2 different receptions, i decided to create a flap on the right side of the invite that folded out with the extra addresses and details… just so the main portion of the invite didn’t look too cluttered!  here’s how my file looked once i was ready to print:

note: have someone check your spelling. then have someone else double check, and triple check it!!


i planned that everything in the BLACK PRINTING would react with the gold foil as it was put through the MINC machine. because of the flap, i could only fit one invite per 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet.

5. PRODUCTION: printing the background


i set up my file so that i could “turn on” the background (in this case the photo) layer, and print to my INK JET PRINTER! i printed them in batches of 50 just to be sure that the ink was looking good! note: i did scale back the opacity of the photo to make the words more legible and to require a little less ink!

6. PRODUCTION: printing the words


once you are ready to print the WORDS over the background, TURN OFF THE LAYER WITH THE PHOTO! and turn ON the layer with the words!


7. TRIM:   once all 350 prints were done, i took them to fedex/kinkos (open later than office stores) and they were able to trim them down for me to the exact right size. this costs a little over a dollar per cut (it cost about $6.00) to cut all 350 invites. it’s a HUGE time saver!

8. FOIL: here’s where the magic happens! adding FOIL to your prints makes the world of difference! they look gorgeous and professional! we did the math and figured out that we needed approximately 16 rolls of foil to complete all the invites and insert cards.  i recommend that you CUT all the foil to the right size all at once. use a ROTARY cutter – it’s SO much easier! you can cut multiple layers of foil at once – for example, i opened 3 rolls at a time and cut them together.


FULL DISCLOSURE: we did have 3 Minc machines working at once! that made it go pretty fast! we were able to fit 2 invites in the 12″ transfer folder at the same time. this might be a great time to get your bridesmaids together! many hands make light work! we cranked them out in one night, but you can also plan on doing a little at a time to get it all done!

here’s the MINC HOW-TO:

1. turn on the Minc at the “3” heat setting, and allow it to heat up. it will beep to tell you it’s ready.

2. place the invitation into the “transfer folder”


3. lay the foil over the top of the invite with the gold side UP! close the folder, and make sure that the foil is smooth over the top, with no wrinkles. (the wrinkles can transfer to your project weird)


4. insert the folder into the opening on the front of the Minc. the rollers will grab the folder and move it through the Minc automatically. keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t accidentally get stuck. there is a forward and reverse switch in case there is some kind of jam. (the 6″ Minc Mini has a release lever that will allow you to remove the project)


5. when the folder comes completely through the Minc machine, simply open it up and remove the foil. there is no drying time! it’s done immediately!


9. SCORING: in order to keep the info for the receptions easy to read, i added them to a flap portion of the invite. it was necessary to score and fold the flap using a straight edge and a bone folder. i wanted to be sure that the fold was crisp and clean.


10. CORNER ROUNDING:  i liked the look of having soft, rounded corners – i also liked how it set the flap apart just a bit from the main portion of the invite. i have a monster corner rounder that made this job really easy! again, i felt that it added a professional look to the invite.


11. INSERT CARDS: as i mentioned above, i wanted to include some fun little insert cards that would be especially for those invited to the wedding dinner, and the temple sealing.  i thought that it would be fun to have them tuck perfectly behind the flap, and have little tabs that i could clip together.


i printed the insert cards only on the LASER JET printer, and cut them a little more carefully so that they layered perfectly behind the info flap. they were foiled with the excess foil from the main invites.


the crisp gold is SO elegant! they look so fun tucked behind the flap, with the tabs separating each special event!


the simple gold clip is a good hint that you need to turn it over!


STAY TUNED! over the next few weeks as i share the DIY touches that i will be creating for Taylor’s big day! i can’t wait!! and i am SO not ready to have any of my own children at this stage! so i am more than happy to spoil Taylor!

For a full video tutorial on how to use the  MINC foil applicator and other FUN projects using the MINC,

visit my Minc video library! 

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