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Hello friends and welcome to your weekly dose of color pop!

I am excited to share some colourful card inspiration with you all today, courtesy of some beautiful Bazzill Premium Paper Card and Envelope sets.

I went one step further and decided to pair them up with some of my favourite Heidi Swapp supplies and Minc and the results are so pretty and so much fun to do!

Because the cards are blank, I wanted to create a fun background that I could base my card design around.  I used the Minc Reactive Mist to help me achieve that.

Typically, to apply the mist one would use the spray nozzle pump.

However, I love to use this really simple and easy technique instead.  I find it allows me more control of where I want my splatters to go and just how much product I want applied onto my project.

The technique is simple.  Twist off the nozzle and using a paintbrush or pencil, gently “tap” the stem of the nozzle onto your paper so that you will allow tiny droplets of the medium to essentially “splatter” on your background.  Move your nozzle stem around your page so that you can get coverage where you want it to be.

It is essential to allow the medium to dry completely before placing your project through the Minc.  However, I actually sped up the process by using a kleenex on the yellow card and dabbing gently atop the medium.  This really helped to speed up the drying time, plus it gave a more blotchy mixed media effect that I really fell to love.  I highly recommend you try it, the results are beautiful.

I applied my foil on top each card and ran through the minc.

The reveals are always so amazing.  Especially when using mediums.  It is always a surprise!

You can see the difference between these two cards.  The yellow card is where I used the kleenex to dab, whereas the pink and green card I just allowed to dry.  I love the effect of the “smear/smudge” dabbing the kleenex achieved.  Who knew?!

I completed my cards using my most favourite Heidi Swapp summer inspired stash.  Especially elements of Art Walk.  It is the perfect pairing indeed!

The foiled splatters really help give these blank cards added texture and dimension.  Such an easy way to create a beautiful background for sure.

I hope you are inspired to try out this simple technique yourself.  Blank cards are the perfect canvas to let loose and allow your creativity to shine.

Supplies: Bazzill Premium Paper Card and Envelope; Minc Applicator Machine; Minc Reactive Mist Medium; Art Walk

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