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do you live in Australia?

do you live in Australia?


It’s been just over a year since I had the opportunity to
come to Australia and bring “Create 08”! 
I was hoping that it wouldn’t be long before I’d be back ‘down under’,
but I didn’t think it would be this soon!

On May 4-5th, Aussie Scrap Source is putting on a
special event for retailers, and I couldn’t be happier to be invited to attend
and teach from my new range of Tattered Angels products!! In speaking with my
Tattered Angels friends… we decided to expand our stay and do a little bit of a
tour!  We are excited to be
visiting: Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane…we are trying to squeeze in as much as
we possibly can!


Some products need more ‘education’ than others. Usually,
those are the products that you can do the most with… they are the most
versatile and allow the most creativity! 
The products and projects that we will be bringing you are in this
category… they require a little instruction, and once you get the basics… there
is no stopping where you can take it!! of course, I am talking about all the
Glimmery mediums from Tattered Angels, as well as the concept of ‘hybrid
crafting’ that is our vision at House of 3!


The day long workshop will begin at 9am, and we’ll go until
6pm….. a full day of inspiration and instruction!

i will be posting costs and registration information in the next couple of days.. but i just need to get everyone to SPREAD THE WORD that this is going on … so you can start making plans! it's going to be awesome — just had a huge meeting to talk about it and i am SO excited!!  & guess what??? i get to go to FIJI on my way to AU to visit my folks… happy, happy dance!!

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