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do you yudu??

do you yudu??


i am pretty excited about tomorrow night's webshow… we'll be broadcasting back here from my house- and i am going to be YUDUing!!! you know how much i love the YUDU… (if you are saying… what is a yudu??… it's a personal screen printing machine made my Provo Craft..) and i LOVE mine! this is my first YUDU webshow… and as i type, i am dying t-shirts in preparation! AND making my halloween screens… i will show you how to create your very own holiday t-shirts… step by step, start to finish… it will blow your mind!  


the show is tomorrow night, 8pm Mountain time… so that is 7pm in Calif, and 10pm on the east coast… and you have to figure anything out in between … if you haven't joined in the fun, well, you are just missing out!  if you go to the USTREAM link… you can create a user name and password- that will allow you to sign in and chat it up w/ the other ladies… we have quite a crowd, and it's fun to chit chat w/ women from all over! 

Last week Janet was broadcasting from her house in TX, and she showed off some freaking cool techniques… and there is just a little more time to get in on her giveaway… so pop on over to her blog and enter for a chance to WIN!

 see you tomorrow night- check back.. i might have some sneaks— i just pulled my first batch of DYED t's out of the wash, and they look …..fAAAbulous!! (sung in an opera voice!)


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