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elves working…

elves working…

i normally don't get a lot of 'crafting' done during my family's waking hours… but i thought i'd brave it today- and see how things went… i am working working to get my little winter wonderland created, and i am having lots of FUN, but probably spending TOO much time! so as i was working, i decided to enlist some help (i am totally lying, i was bombarded with helpers!)… we are making cute little word signs to fill old frames, so Quincy was sorting letters, and spelling festive words… Capri was painting letters with Tattered Angels Glam and Glaze… and Connor was painting a 'snowy scene'.  i really do love that they want to be involved… how can you possibly say no to these faces? even when it involves a huge mess. LUCKILY, we didn't even have one spill!

funny: i asked Cory to go out and spray paint a frame, and he brought it into me painted, with snow all over the back-when i questioned him, he decided to lay it on the 11" of fresh powdery snow to paint it. helpful.


you know i talk about the possibilites of "hybrid" creating a lot… here on my blog and also on the webshow…it's something that i LOVE and am continually amazed and inspired by what is possible the more that i learn and expeiriment. it means more creative resources and limitless possibilities… now, i'd say that Jessica Sprague is one of the best teachers out there- especially with starting from the beginning and moving in a very intuitive way through learning something new- PARTICULARLY, but not limited to, the digital world of CREATIVE possibilites! –now before you count yourself out- WAIT! and trust me when i say…these skills are WORTH IT to learn. and NOT HARD when you are taught! and some of the most exciting skills to explore. Jessica is teaching a COMPLETELY FREE class- it started yesterday, but you can still jump in – it goes Nov. 29 through Dec.8 and it's called "Inspiration Everywhere"… jump in a check it out … you have nothing to lose… this is a great place to START!   CLICK HERE to Register… (did you hear me say FREE)… Jessica and i have something up our sleeve together… can't wait to share more about it!

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