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This Sunday evening finds me in the emergency room up at
Primary Children’s Hospital (again)! 
This time, we are just stitching up a couple gashes in Connor’s
mouth!  We have to hang out here,
until it’s been 3 hours since he ate or drank so they can sedate him for the procedure…it’s
so fuN! and of course, I am happy that it’s not worse. He fell while climbing
on the outside of the railing of the stairs. Dare devil! (and a naughty one, he
knows better)


Today we took some time to take some family photos—they are
just quick and fun ones… the only time I feel like the kids all look clean and
presentable is just after church, so today, we pulled the trigger.  They are fun kids. life is never dull…
that’s for sure.


Connor keeps right up with Capri, and I just can’t imagine
life without the 2 of them…he is about the most photogenic kid ever! Glad I got
a few today before the fall tonight!


Cory is such a jokester- his easy going personality and laid
back style is a delight, and welcome part of the family dynamics! Handsome kid,
growing like crazy- I feel like he needs new shoes every time I turn around!


Quincy is my most willing participant in the photo-shooting.
Her smiles are always picture-perfect! She has gown up so much, and I keep
feeling like she should be the one going into 7th grade instead of
Colton (but really she is going into 4th)



Colton is almost a teenager…not sure if I am ready for
that.. but ‘ready or not’… he is so excited to start up middle school, and will
do anything to earn a buck! In fact, this photo below COST ME $1!!



Capri had her 4th bday yesterday- and it’s freaky
for me to think back to the day she was born. I think every mom does that on
the birthdays of their children. We were SO happy to have her. Everyone just
fell instantly in love with her, and those sentiments have only grown over the
last 4 years. She is a delight.



welcome monday!! i'll be ready for a NEW WEEK!!  i'm using these photos for this wed. webshow… so plan on tuning in!

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