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energy in!

energy in!

Other than the fact that 4 of my 5 children are sick sick sick… I had a better day! the chocolate paid off! Chuckle. Last night as I was thinking about my day, evaluating how to make it better.. and I decided to pull out my ENERGY journal that I taught on the ‘Ultimate Cruise’. And realized that I haven’t been paying attention to that energy balance that I was talking about on the boat. i needed to concentrate on things that give me energy, and control the energy drains. So I thought I would make a list, here are some of them:
1.    rest
2.    productivity
3.    shower-getting ready. (ok, I’ll admit, I don’t get ‘ready’ every day. maybe 4 days a week-yikes; and I usually sleep in my clothes. Bad habit)
4.    a clean desk
5.    journaling
6.    prayer
7.    chocolate chip cookies
8.    talk w/ a good friend
9.    quiet
10.    happy kids
11.    exercise
12.    happy emails
13.    fruitful brainstorming
14.    solving problems
15.    laughter
16.    compendium books
17.    pre-planning meals
18.    productive creating
19.    good ideas
20.    using a to-do list
21.    helping people
22.    trying something new
it’s such a good exercise to sit and try to think, and list the things that bring you energy, that make you feel good and happy. As I look at this list, I can see that quite often I totally neglect things that can help to make me feel more on my game… make me feel more in control, by just making me feel good… giving me energy to function. I have set my ‘energy’ journal out on my bedside table, and I am going to be more pro-active on a daily basis to fill my energy tank better. It’s awesome how much better I felt today by just focusing in on a few of these things.  So cool.
I had a great time teaching this project on the cruise, and while it’s a fairly intense project, and totally took more than the 2 ½ hours allocated… it was fun to teach, fun to share. This year, our preview day for Creative Escape preview day is the 2nd week of May; so since I am coming back home for that, I will be taking the opportunity to teach in a couple spots… just in time for National Scrapbook DaY!  I will be teaching in Mesa, at Scrapbooks, Etc. and also in Houston, Tx at By Design Scrapbook Boutique. The dates and times are still being finalized, but I will be announcing them soon. I am also trying to swing a stop in Edmonton…if the stars line up, I’ll be there for my birthday even!  I am planning on teaching this ‘energy’ journal, as well as a technique class using my new Invisibles and Mega masks! SO…I am excited about that… watch for more info coming in the next few days.


Speaking of Creative Escape… holy cow, I have seen the projects, and visited with all the teachers, and this year will not disappoint. We have been working on the fun stuff.. like the look of the book, t-shirts and coming up with the theme and vibe of the event. This is the part that I love most! It’s going to be fantastic! I know there are a lot of you out there waiting with baited breath for the lottery… I just wish everyone could come! Seriously, I hate to say this, but August will be here before we know it. scary. I am already looking forward to just BEING at that resort! It’s so fantastic! Just thinking about the CE vibe.. the way it feels just being there, with everyone, watching it all come together, I can vividly remember the way it feels… just makes me so happy!
This is turning out to be a long blog post,
But I did want to share something cute that I created for valentine’s day… I have a magnet board that hangs just right by the phone, and I like to fill it w/ my favorite photos. I decided to switch it up, so I took all the photos off, and arranged some of my new House of 3 Valentine creations. I was inspired by my friend Talia’s blog… (speaking of Edmonton)…she had these cute little dangles on her blog. I LOVE anything that dangles, and right now I am obsessed with big chunky frames.  So I printed some of these off on transparency film, and combined them with the printable valentines on the House of 3 site, and some chandelier crystals… and hung them from the magnet clips. I used my trick of printing them out at different ‘scales’ and then just hooked them together w/ jump rings, added photos etc. all the kids were so excited about the dangles… Capri just keeps going over there and looking at them. Now I am thinking I should have incorporated some of the love tickets in there too…. I have seen some amazing stuff done w/ the products that we have for sale and for free on the site. It’s so cool to see what other people do with the stuff. Sometimes, I find myself just shaking my head, amazed at what people come up with! I’ll be featuring some soon. So if you have done something fab… send us a peek! You can also find us all on facebook, and show us there too! We have announced our “House Warming” party on our FB page… (by the way, if you are looking for us on FB, search www.houseof3.com and you will find it. Become a fan… it will definitely have it’s privileges!
There are a few other fun new items on the site for you to check out. and of course working on more. Smile. More ideas than time. that is for sure.
If you do nothing else… get on there, and sign up for our House Newsletter… the first edition is coming on Feb 18th, full of details on our House Warming Party!  We are so excited to share.  The first of many parties in the HOUSE!

here is what i made for the kids… we are HUGE Yo Gaba Gaba junkies! i cut up some of the valentines i picked up at Target when i was there at CHA. (that is Foofa)


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