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It’s already Friday afternoon, and I feel like I haven’t gotten anything really COMPLETED today- just been jumping from one thing to the next…I think that i am bummed that the week is already over, because in my head I planned to get a lot more done. There is always next week! but I feel like time is just slipping by.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach a little scrapbooking project here at my house. I had about 12 of my friends here, and I made cute little kits – I created some fall paper, and used the ‘Gratitude’ digi stuff that I had posted about earlier. (I taught the book that I posted here). Whether the girls knew it or not, they created a ‘hybrid’ scrapbooking  project. I had printed my design onto some MM ledger paper (it’s still my most favorite paper ever, how old is it??) I then created this page with quotes, and elements that I printed out for everyone to cut out, ink and add to their book.Revised_rs
  I had a blast sharing it with people that don’t get the blessing of shopping at a scrapbook store very often! … some of them had scrapbooked before, and some aspire to scrapbook! It just made me so happy! Everyone talking, laughing, being together… creating something about what matters most to each one of us. it reminded me of why I love scrapbooking. It’s all about sharing, creating.. learning new things. And really… taking whatever you know, to the next level! SOOO, in the spirit of ‘thanksgiving’… to get you in the spirit… here is a HYBRID project just for you! you could fill it now w/ what you are thankful for… or just have it ready for everyone in your family to write in on Thanksgiving day!  the files you can download are just pdf format.. which means that you just download and print!
1.    cut some cardboard or chipboard-whatever to 6×12”. Either use a cereal box, or pizza box-whatever.  I used a rotary cutter, straight edge and ruler to make sure I had nice clean edges.

2.    Download the ‘Download gratitude.pdf
(the pdf is formatted for A4) and cover one of the pieces of cardboard. You will need to cut 3 more 6×12 pieces of paper- PREFERABLY some nice Heidi Swapp houndstooth, or dots or something that you might find here!


3.    Cut (2)  3.5”x6” pieces of cardstock; these will be a hinge (or spine) for the book. You need to fold them so you have a 3/8” spine. You will adhere the two covers, and line them up with the creases of the spine, on the outside and the inside of the book.

4.    I have 6 pages in my book. They cascade from 11.5” , 10.5”, 9.5”, 8.5”,7.5”, and 6.5” in length, and are all 6” in width. Score each page about ½” in from the left edge; corner round and ink!   I used a Crop-o-dile to punch the holes, and a metal fastener to attach inside the book. (the fastener goes on the back of the book)Img_0383

Img_0384_2 Img_0385_2
5.    Download revised_rs.pdf
this is the A4 size
, Download letter_pdf.pdf this is the US letter size..
. and cut the pieces apart and ink them and add them to your book.  I added a Heidi Swapp black damask sticker…

SO FUN!… don’t you love just printing something out, and having something at your fingertips to just CREATE!!?? Well, welcome to the amazingly cool world of Hybrid scrapbooking! As I mentioned above… part of what makes scrapbooking so fun is trying new styles, techniques, tools and (ta-da) technology! Wink…. Ok, I know – you are thinking… ‘I am NOT a digital scrapbooker’…but you don’t have to be to benefit from the fresh, new, up to the minute, and total instant gratification of HYBRID scrapbooking! Now, here is your chance to learn a little more about it… certainly before you underestimate yourself.. you HAVE to check this out. (you will be so glad you did… it will change the way you look at scrapbooking-if it hasn’t already). Jessica Sprauge Jessicaabovesm1
is this super cute, hip, clever chick that has a really amazing digital scrapbook site w/ tons of insight and education. Here is the deal-she is offering a FREE week-long online class called: "Stories in Hand" that will give you an idea of what I am talking about. I am jumping in on this one, and you should too! So go and check it out…you only have until the 8th to sign up…

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