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Episode #3: Use your handwriting!!

Episode #3: Use your handwriting!!


It’s Wednesday… which means that today is a new episode airing on My Craft Channel!

Today I will be talking about one of my little passions…’handwriting’. Ever since I was young, I loved to practice my handwriting…coupled with a fascination for journaling…I loved to mix different pens and colors of pens and write, write , write. Write!

On Today’s show, I will be talking about 5 Tips to improve, or at least think about them as you are writing on stuff!  These are my most FAVORITE handwriting techniques! –as you may know- several years I wrote a book called “How to Love your Handwriting”. You might even have it! (I think it’s a pretty great book).  It is a 2 part book- with a workbook in addition to the chapter book…anyway—when I have taught handwriting classes, and even in the book, I talk about lots of things you can try, but these are my TOP 5!! 


So be sure to head over to My Craft Channel today, and you can see me demo, and talk about these techniques…and then you can also download this little handy-dandy reminder sheet if you want to keep it in a place you can refer to it as you are creating!

i think that handwirting is important… i LOVE this… this is from a scrapbook that my mom made back when she was in college… her handwriting is the SAME still… and it's just such a connection for me to see her writing-and know…yea- that was her!

this is something that my mom wrote in my little brother's scrapbook… it's something that i didn't remember… but you have no idea how much this little blurb means to me!!


I know that many of you reading this today HATE your handwriting… maybe it’s not pretty….maybe it’s messy, even illegible… but you know what- PENMANSHIP can improve for anyone! You might feel silly ‘practicing’ your handwriting like an elementary student…but adding your handwriting to your scrapbook pages- even just in a card that you give to someone- I mean, seriously- a hand written card? When was the last time you got one of those… and didn’t you just kinda love it? it’s totally special. And it makes a difference. It’s personal. It’s YOU!

Ok… stepping down from the soapbox!  you can download this here… Download HS5tips


Enjoy the show!

note: found these on overstock.com… my favorite pens!




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