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As promised… I have some big news!

Exciting NEWS!!

So many people have asked me when I would be creating physic­al
product ­again- it’s been a YEAR! Seems like a long time!

Well, new product is IN THE works… today I have been in Ft.
Collins, Colorado-

Does anyone know what company operates out of Ft. Collins?


Well, I’ll tell a little story…

Last July, I was teaching a class where we were mixing our
own spray-color-mist using some Ranger products and I was so excited about it
on my ‘invisibles’ chipboard…I thought it turned out so cute!! Next thing I
knew, one of the ladies pulled out some ‘Glimmer Mist’ and misted her entire
project and it was just so much more fabulous- I mean, I was shocked by the
glimmer! I loved it! soo… I started playing around with glimmer mist and fell
in love!

I finally connected with Wendy the owner and Michelle the
Creative Director of Tattered Angels and we decided to work together on some mist colors!!


If that wasn’t cool enough…they invited me to create a few
product skus that could be used specifically with Glimmer Mist, and I of course
jumped at the chance! I am excited to be part of their team…they have an
awesome group of people that create ‘Glimmer Mist' …and designers that do AWESOME projects! I can’t
share what my products are yet… but holy cow, I have been having so much fuN
with just the samples! and it’s been a thrill to learn the cool techniques
associated with the Glimmer Mist. I had NO idea how much you could DO!

So get READY!! Soo cool!  keep an eye on THIS blog!


Alright… so…

I have another big announcement… and it’s something everyone
can participate in! on Wed night (dec.16 th), Teresa Collins and I will be
broadcasting together LIVE via the web! I will be updating exactly WHEN and
what the link will be… we’ll be teaching some fun techniques and sharing some
of the projects we have created with the Nourish the Children kits… it’s going
to be so much fun! and kinda scary! (live…ACK!!)



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