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THANK YOU to each and everyone of you that joined us tonight
on our ‘Simply Amazing’ House of 3 LIVE webcast! We had a BLAST!! Ok, if you
have never watched a webshow, you are missing out! it’s seriously So much fuN!
and tonight was ESPECIALLY fun as BOTH my partners at House of 3: Rhonna and Janet
were on hand to say HellO! If you have never watched and joined IN on a LiVE  webshow…then you HAVE to plan on
joining in NEXT WednesdaY! My plan is to host a live webshow once a week for
this year!! I have so many ideas and plans lined up for this year! I can’t wait…

To see the recording of tonights broadcast…click HERE!


I want to share some images of an example of what you can
create with the BRAND NEW 2010 Simply Amazing kit. … now, I mentioned on the
live webshow-that there are 100 files of STUFF in this kit… It’s mammoth!


The kit includes:

PDF printable Backgrounds

PDF printable Calendars

PDF printable  Weekly
and daily planners

PDF printable Shopping and to do lists

PDF printable Goal sheets and cards

PDF printable dividers (16)

PDF printable journaling sheets

17 word brushes

21 PNG frame files


5 video tutorials that will give you an idea of how to put
this whole thing together!


Check out this LINK to view a little
slideshow of the whole project

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