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I have been evaluating my scrapbooking goals and methods… I
have had to decide what I like to do best… how I want my albums to be- and what
I ENJOY! I have been looking back through all my albums, and I have decided to
go back to scrapbooking 8 ½ x 11 pages. For so long I have just done a variety
of sizes and types of pages, but I think that the pages that I have loved
looking back on the best are the double page 8×11 spreads that really tell a
story- juicy journaling and lots of photos… looking back has really super
charged my desire to make scrapbook pages. I got 193 4×6 photos developed
today- feels great to have a big stack of photos that I could totally divide
into individual scrapbook pages. I got started tonight because I have been
dying to play with one of the new kits at House of 3… if you have a boy in the
house, then you have to catch these ‘Vitamin B’ kits that Rhonna created!  We have been talking about some extreme
sport vibe art, and this just fits the bill perfectly…

Head over to the House of 3 “Inspiration House” blog to see
the bits and pieces of my pages more up close, as well as some tips and ideas
for cranking out some ‘BOY’ pages!




School starts for my kids WEDNESDAY (today) morning, and we met all
the teachers monday, and I think it’s going to be a GREAT year! To celebrate
the last day of summer, we went to the Gateway to catch a movie- we even got a
babysitter for the little ones… we wanted to see “Shorts”… I hate to tell you
that I was TOTALLY disappointed with it. it has some funny parts, but wait
until it hits Redbox to rent it… for sure.


Ok, heading to bed… after we get the kids off to school, I
am on a flight to AZ for Creative Escape! I’ll be sharing photos and twittering
from the festivities!

Good night…

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