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fab weekend!

fab weekend!

We just spent the weekend up at my Grandpa’s cabin…from
where we live now, it’s about 50 miles away- and one of the BEST parts of
moving to Utah. I absolutely LOVE it there… it’s the ultimate mountain getaway-
the cabin itself is almost 50 years old. The trees have grown so much, that you
have to know right where it is to even see it from 100 yards away. It’s SUPER
rustic…which is nice because you don’t have to be too uptight about the kids
running in and out and everyone just kicking back! I love it so much. This weekend
my brother and sister and their families came up as well, and we had SO much
fuN!.  great food- all the
traditional favorites… corn on the cob, hamburgers… big breakfast of pancakes,
bacon etc etc etc. it’s just the best!  I even sat on the couch and watched 2 different movies
without working at the same time! such a great time. this morning when I walked
out from the backdoor, this brightly colored moth caught my eye… I have never
seen anything like this! Check it out- it’s like a mixture of giraffe print and
cheetah print!  A VERY stylish


Lots to do still to get ready for Creative Escape… this will
be a busy week! going to get a good night’s sleep! Happy Monday everyone!


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