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fabric purchases!!

fabric purchases!!


It’s late, late on Thursday night (Friday morning really) and I SHOULD be in bed… I am going to regret this tomorrow! It’s getting colder, colder here in Beijing! I am just not a fan of the cold weather. It was a nice clear day today, and only about 38-40 degrees F. do you think I will ‘get used to it’? I had to take the widget that tells me the temp in AZ off my desktop… sheesh… (waving at you people basking in the 80’s… STOP COMPLAINING!) today Emily and I got out a little early and went to the fabric market. It’s a bit of a taxi ride to the south end of the city, on 2nd ring road. The taxi driver knew right where I wanted to go! This place is just unreal.. it’s blocks and blocks of vendors and stores, ranging from furs and batting to gold metallic plush stuff that I am not sure what it’s used for, but I saw a LOT of it! lol.. I went looking with a couple things in mind… one was fabric for making/covering throw pillows for our couch. Seriously, I found so much cool stuff, and then visions of skirts and coats and table cloths and bedding… oh my! Here are a couple photos… we were SO HUNGRY when we got down there, and there were lots of  street vendors, but em is the wrong person to get adventurous w/ Chinese food, and I have heard too many horror stories, but it all smelled really good! Anyway, we shopped around for awhile, until we were frozen to the core. I was happy with my purchases, even though I am NOT good at bargaining! I am going in search of pillow forms and a tailor tomorrow! Wish us luck!

Looks_goodOH… and I have to mention, that I made SALSA tonight, and I am sooo proud of myself. it was SO good, or at least it seemed really good, but that might be cause I haven’t been to a Mexican restaurant in a long time. We made Chicken Enchiladas for dinner,   and the salsa just made it!  I used my new chopping skills that I learned in the dumpling making experience! Who needs a food processor when you have a huge CHOPPING knife!
Purchased from the wet market:
Tomatoes, onion, garlic, lemon, green pepper, jalapeño pepper and green onion… PERFeCt! (Katie, it was almost as good as growing my own veggies! But not quite)

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