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fairy jars…

fairy jars…


i was pretty sure that i wanted to make some kind of little jar with fairies in them for the 'fairy party' for Capri and her friends… and i had a hard time finding some really little cute fairies- and i really wanted to make them, but i just couldn't create just what i wanted…so i did find these disney fairies that are so cute, and would be perfect inside a canning jar-which are all on sale at this time of year!


i got moss for the inside… and the rest of the little items were just things i had on hand. there will be 6 girls including Capri at the party, and the fairy set came w/ 6 fairies! perfect! i want to have a little 'hunt' for the fairies during the party- the fairies easily go in and out of the jar, so they will hunt for the fairies, then win the coordinating jar. i included items such as keys, jewels, flowers, confetti, glitter, moss, feathers, coins (for them to stand on), ribbon and little flags with their names. i did have so much fun making these- so much fun that i couldn't really be distracted with anything else for a few hours this afternoon! such fun.

Iridessa Rosetta

i also made these little pixie dust necklaces.  the party is at 7 tonight… much to do! Necklaces

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