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family photos

family photos

the Fabulous Maggie Holmes is in town… and we were lucky enough to book her to photography our family… which we did on Sat evening up at the Utah State Capital. it's so gorgeous up there, and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon for photos!  she just sent me the previews for a TON of great shots, so i just have to show off a few. i guess i am really going to have to whittle it down to my favorites- and i am getting them blown up ! I have some really fun ideas… this is my christmas present to myself, and from everyone in my family- at least that is what i kept telling them so that they would WORK WITH ME!! (and some crazy ideas)… 

i realized that "perfect family photo" is not in the cards for our group- the sitting still, and smiling perfect… not a chance… so i even love the wind blown, and casual approach- i am amazed at what Maggie captured… as i sat and looked through the photos this morning, i just was so thankful- couple of these brought some tears… i think that family photos are SO much work! and cause SO much stress!! Maggie is so calm, and relaxed.. there was such a no pressure vibe, and that was just what our group needed! take a look! i am thrilled, and delighted… 

SWAPP Oct 2010-25

i love those utah moutains in the blackground

SWAPP Oct 2010-36

there are tons of this photogenic girl! so cute.

SWAPP Oct 2010-44
this one was being a little turkey, but you wouldn't know it from the photos!

SWAPP Oct 2010-48

capri was SO into the photos… give her a new dress, and she'll smile all day!

SWAPP Oct 2010-63

and of course… we haven't aged a bit!

SWAPP Oct 2010-72
a tear here… from me… this kid turns 13 this month, and it's freaking me out a little.  for anyone who knows him- this captured him to a tee!

SWAPP Oct 2010-90

another tear… i want this one HUGE

SWAPP Oct 2010-81
SWAPP Oct 2010-95

you get photos like this- and it just make you realize that time just FLIES! and it makes all the other photos- all the scrapbook pages and books and memories just that much more precious. you just have to capture it… it's crazy

SWAPP Oct 2010-105
this was part of a project i want to do… but how great- 

SWAPP Oct 2010-121
more on this… 

SWAPP Oct 2010-138
SWAPP Oct 2010-142

SWAPP Oct 2010-143

SWAPP Oct 2010-146

i am thrilled, and thankful- blessed and delighted… thanks Maggie! i think that you can think of every excuse in the book to put off- or miss a year etc etc… on the family photo… but really – this should happen regularly! yearly AT LEAST! sometimes you should ask your sister to snap some shots, and sometimes, you should pay someone… and get something that you will blow up and put on the wall…  i think that i LOVE the unexpected shots the MOST… and those will add so much to the wall collage that i want to create.  of course- i wish i was 15 lbs lighter…but seriously- if i wait until that happens, we'll never get a photo! it was worth the effort, as well as the investment.  those of you who will be on the Ultimate Cruise with me next month will see more of these! i'll be using them in that project! 

HEY LOCALS…. Maggie will be here through the week, and she mentioned that she does have like 2-3 possible openings that she could swing. here is a little flyer about her being here- she is shooting in a couple different locations- and she did say that you get more like 50-70 images… and if you are reading my blog- and you are a UTAH local… she'll knock $50 off the price for my blog readers!  she spent about an hour with us… she was fast and it was FUN!  email her HERE for more info - it also sounded like she is not only shooting on the weekend- sounds like she is trying to work around the weather. just email her and find out if you are interested! 


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