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family pics

family pics

Family photos are stressful. They have to reflect the overall joy and love in your family- the true perfection that represents the true character of everyone pictured!!
First, you have to choose the clothes; the colors, the style; coordinate with everyone!! making sure that there is the perfect balance of lights, darks, prints and a little pop of color!
Second, pick a venue; easy access; not too long of a drive. Lots of options for backgrounds.
Third, choose a day and time that everyone can come, at optimal light.
Fourth, stock your purse with no-mess treats, that can be used as bribes and encouragement.
Fifth, lecture your kids all the way there about the critical importance of getting a great photo, and how they better be on their best behavior; no goofing off, no running off etc.

This family photo was of particular importance. The last photo we took was LAME, and this would be the only photo with EVERYONE since the newest addition to our family was born in December- but more importantly, my folks leave in a week for Fiji for their 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints… so this has to be p e r f e c t. as if that wasn’t enough pressure, it was my mom’s 60th birthday, and ‘all she wanted for her b-day was a great family photo’.

I took my camera along, and caught a few ‘behind the scenes’ shots… they really turned out cute! We chose a ‘blue’ color theme… because we have so many blue eyes in our family! out of all of us… we only have 3 brown eyes, and only 2 brunettes! I always like to have a little pop of color- so this time we went with yellow. And for neutrals, we chose brown and white.  My mom wanted it to look nice, and like we made an effort, but not too dressy… of course the little girls look super cute in their little dresses! We wanted a casual outdoor setting, so we went to Murray Park. It turned out to be an awesome place to take family photos… there is tons of different types of areas to shoot in, great shady areas… nice little river and flowers etc. it was perfect.  As for treats, I like to use smarties. (not the chocolate Canadian kind)…worked like a charm. As for the lecture, I thought the kids were pretty well behaved! It’s the adults that get all tense and freaked out! LOL…i was!
Here is a little peek at some of the images. I can’t wait to see the real ones.


***still addicted to these collage storyboard templates!! and this H of 3 Dingbat font

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