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feeling grateful…

feeling grateful…


yesterday i got to go and watch capri's Pre-school program… and it was about the cutest thing ever!! i was kinda amazed… they have only been like 2 months, and already they knew a bunch of songs, WITH actions!! Capri was loving being in performance mode, and she is my shy-est one, but she did great! 

the little program was simple, but SO cute! they had little art project visual aids, and a few little props… you could tell that they were all so proud! and don't you just love all the parents trying to capture the moment… i was sitting there with my camera, my video camera, and my iphone trying to take short videos to email family, and quick photos also for emailing… i was not alone! 


IMG_8225Capri is the 'pres' of her class this week, and it's just been the highlight of her life! she is taking her responsibilites very seriously- so cute!! but if you look close on her little owl hat in this photo, you can see that she has written her name… i LOVE it! she is writing it on everything… (it's the letters in the middle)- looks like she has all kinds of 'words' going on there. She LOVES to make all the crafts… also, worth a note… she has a 'sympathy' bandage on her left index finger… 

i am feeling so grateful for the school, and her teachers… they do an awesome job, and have been a tremendous support to me!  i had such a hard time deciding on a school- i couldn't decide if they should be together in a class (that would have helped me…) but, i couldn't shake the feeling that they needed some individualized attention and more age appropriate learning… i was debating between to schools, and i really feel like i made the best decision- while it's hard to juggle their little schedules, and the driving… etc etc… but they have just grown so much. it's such a blessing when people love and care for your children, and give them something you can't. 

i can't believe how much these littles have grown in this last year… how much more capable and responsible they are.  they are so sweet, and add so much! i think that actually- across the board, all the sudden i look at my kids and they seem older, taller… and more grown up… ( and then a huge fight breaks out, someone  calls someone a name, something breaks and someone gets hurt)… LOL… typical? please tell me yes!! 

thanks to all you teachers out there… under appreciated, and overly needed… you do SO much! your influence is SO great… i am SO thankful for all of you! 

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