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feeling summery

feeling summery

Hello, hello… I think that it’s feeling like SUMMER!! I have had 2 pool days, and I **almost** had a ‘carefree’ feeling! So, that is exciting! It feels great. There is just a different mood, and a different vibe… and I love it… I think it’s even given me some fresh energy, and I started a big project yesterday

– TOTALLY REVAMPING my creative space. It’s been really bugging me for awhile. I have been ‘functional’, but not ‘comfortable’. Things don’t really have a ‘home’, and so I just shuffle things around- and make a bigger mess every time! I finally sat down and really wrote down what I needed space for, what things I use most- and how to organize, store and ACCESS them in order of most used to least. I have a small space in this house- the smallest space I have had in years… so I need to make the MOST out of it, and not waste space with MESSINESS. I am not a fundamentally organized person, so if it’s been bugging me, you know it is BAD!! I decided to take a ‘before’ photo… i got quite a bit done yesterday- but I have 2 big projects to complete that involve a table saw and paint… SO, I will show it off when I am done- hopefully by this weekend (eric… are you reading this ..big smile… I told him that I just wanted to make him feel needed!)  but I am SO excited about it, and it’s going to be just right! I can hardly wait!

I took these photos this morning- SO CUTE! My little seeds… starting to grow! I know it’s a little silly, but that is just amazing to me… it will be so much fun to watch. I only planted the carrots and beans from seeds- the rest were already growing, but they must be happy in there-


I found my perfect summer nail color! I just love it…


usually I don’t EVER put any color on my nails cause within 24 hours- it looks horrid- but I love the color, and decided to go for both nails and toes-  usually I wear black or have glitter toes- but nothing says summer more than BRIGHT summery nail polish. This Salmon-y pink-y orangish is just my favorite color right now! (and quincy and capri’s)



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