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feeling the love!

feeling the love!

i arrived last night late…when i flew in it was almost midnight- i called eric to let him know that i had landed, and woke him from Connor's bed where he was 'laying down with him'.  He jumped in the car to come and get me and as he was driving along the highway heard a massive BANG, and in the dark hit a piece of a weed eater which took out 2 of his tires.  about 20 minutes later, i was on my way home from the airport in a lovely compact rental, and picked him up from the tire store where he had the tow truck drop off the car! never a dull moment around here…needless to say, i was happy to sleep in my own bed, and thankful for all that had been acccomplished, and for my mom who helped me out with my kiddos! this morning was a whirlwind of getting everyone off to school and back on track around here.

i think that 'back to school' for kids is like a renewal for mom's too… a whole new everything:  new schedules, new teachers and friends, new classes and new challenges and it's just fun to start a new chapter. i was writing down my to-do lists and things that need to change and that MORPHED into me re-thinking, and planning and trying to re-align.  our summer has been SO fun and so full! i must say, i am ready for a little more structrue (that is so not like me!)

it was  perfect time to recieve this book! my friends at compendium sent me this gorgeous and inspiring book, and i just think that it came at the right time. it's called "i am her…"  it's KINDA an off-shoot of my most favorite compendium book 'she'.  it's all about YOU, and me… it's a fill-in-the-blank…it's a little bit of discovery!

i love this, " the most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggles, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern… Beautiful people do not just happen." 

i love that it says:

"i'm not a has-been; i am a will-be" — Lauren Bacall

i was thankful today for this reminder:  ' love your extraordinary self'

aren't we all just so hard on ourselves? wish we could do and be more? is it just me? i would love an extra 10 hours a day, and sometimes think about what i would do with those extra hours, instead of building the MOST into the hours i do have. even if that includes SLOWING down, and being present, and enjoying.  i am feeling so emotional- i am equally as emotional watching my big boys walk away down the street in the morning to school as i am about seeing Capri line up with her little Kindergarten class. i am proud of them, and wonder if i am doing enough, and wishing i could do more, or be more organized or clean or make super cute lunches and delicious dinners.  sigh!   really… that answer is just to love your life. no matter what is in it. and even more importantly, to love and appreciate yourself.  there is a quote from the 'she' book that i often repeat to myself in my head, " she was kind and patient…with herself".

i have a sweet friend that lives in Brisbane, Australia.  i feel so lucky have girlfriends around the globe… anyway… i recently opened a package that she sent me- and in it was a little bracelet. she started a jewelry business a couple years ago, and i love it when she sends me her new collection pieces!  this one is a little different- it's one that she designed just for me. (you can choose the charms, and the beads with the words so it can be 'made to order' essentially). i really was touched and appreciated the words that my friend had chosen for me to remember, and then the little charms that represent my 2 girls and 3 boys.

the beads read, "faith" "hope" and "love". i thought about my worries, and feelings about this 'new chapter' for all of us… the growth that i have noticed in my family, and as they change, the requirement of me to change- i appreciated this reminder- that when it come to my children.. and my family- that really, i just need to focus on those 3 little words.  on one of the pages in this book it says "i give myself permission to" (starting this very moment). i somehow want to capture those feelings and that little moment of clarity that i felt when i saw this bracelet- and give myself permission to stop worrying, stop doubting… and focus on the faith, hope and love. and pour all of that into my role as a mom.– anyway… just thought i'd share today-  i have a whole line up of things that i'll be sharing on my blog the next week or so…and i am hoping that by taking a day to slow down, journal and evaluate, i am going to rally my energy-

TOMORROW… my brother is running the "Wasatch 100" which is  100 mile race  over the tippy tops of the wasatch moutains. this year… he invited me to be his 'pacer' for one of the segments he'll be running. i will only be running for 8 miles of his journey, but i am really excited. and don't worry, i am SURE he'll be pacing ME!  so… working on some fabulous t-shirts tonight… and looking forward to tomorrow's adventure! here is a peek at the design..

note: i have not been paid by compendium or enjoy jewellry to promote the items i have shared today- just wanted to share. if you are interested in the book you can CLICK HERE and if you would like to contact Chanel about the charm bracelet seen above, email her at: [email protected]  and let her know that you saw in on my blog.

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