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Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog!

Today I am here to share with you my newest layout and the inspiration behind it.

Today is all about colour.  Embracing the changing season and translating all that makes autumn so beautiful onto a scrapbook page.  And one of the main components that makes Autumn so beautiful and unique to me is the presence of all the colour.  It just amazes me every year and brings me so much joy.

This time of year has also brought about a change of season in my personal life.  Since my son is now in first grade it is now just my 3 year old and I now creating and navigating a new season of us just getting to have that special one on one time together.  Plus, for any of you that have 3 year olds in your life…you know how seriously incredible these blossoming 3 year old personalities can be.  Truly each and every day is a new adventure.  The simplest things in life are her greatest teachers and joys which ends up teaching me more than I can even begin to imagine.  This time, is truly a special time for us.

To create this layout I based it all around colour.  The colours that spoke to me from Storyline Chapters that to me represented the beautiful tones of fall.  I chose the mustards, the blushes, the greens and golds.  This is a great way to begin a project and sometimes makes it easier to bring to life when you can base it on a color scheme.  Narrowing choices down when it comes to colours, or working with colours that elicit a certain “mood” can really help to bring together a scrapbook page so much easier than one initially thinks.  It is also a great way to challenge yourself to use colours or palettes that maybe you would not normally been drawn too.  Its fun to experiment and sometimes work outside the comfort zone.  That IS where they say the magic happens anyway ;).

I hope you are inspired to use Storyline Chapters to tell one of your stories from this current “change” of season.

I know you will be so happy you did!  And maybe, just maybe fall in love with some colours you never were before.

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