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Book contest

When you start in on a NEW venture, you have all kinds of ‘FIRSTS’… along with lots of learning opportunities, and trying new things. In fact, I would say that in some ways, having a new business is kinda like having a new baby. I am feeling a little sleep deprived, not TOTALLY sure I know what I am doing… trying to figure out a routine and get on a schedule. it's demanding and needs all kinds of attention… But it’s fun and it’s new, I think it’s so exciting to watch it grow… and develop… and share it!

2 weeks ago, we had our FIRST on-line event…we had videos, tutorials, galleries showcasing our projects, and a number of different kits available so people participate in lots of different ways.  We followed up the weekend party with a week’s worth of projects that had to do with ‘house warming’ and different things that make your house ‘home’… We were thrilled and delighted with the response, the emails and feedback. Thanks to all of you! for your encouragement, and enthusiasm.
SO, onto another FIRST!
Our first Submission Contest… To wrap up our House Warming extravaganza… we are looking for a couple fabulous versions of the House Warming Book ! Now, originally, the deadline was the 14th, but we got so many people telling us that they would like more time.. didn’t want to rush the project. I have loved reading emails and messages from people sharing how this project has really taken on a life of it’s own, really giving people a chance to think and appreciate their unique home. I LOVE my book. I have been showing it off to everyone that comes over.. (yea, I am the type that if you come to my house, you get stuck looking at my scrapbooks! )  We have decided to extend the deadline for the House Warming Book Contest.  If you are working on your project, you have 2 more weeks…if you haven’t checked it out, you still have time! –this is SO fun, and so worth it! if you have no idea what I am talking about… go here, and watch the videos that talk about the project, and give step by step ideas, and inspiration…as well as the concept of the project. Check out our galleries, and be inspired!

We are selecting 2 winners: 1st prize is a $50 Gift Certificate at House of 3. And runner up with receive a $25 GC.  As well as HUGE bragging rights, and a feature on your book on our site.  Deadline is March 31st… these are all the little details:

1. Submit your book entry by midnight (CST) 03/31/09 to
[email protected] with the subject line: HW Book Submission. You must
submit at least a cover and three additional pages. Images must be
under 500K each.
2. All pages submitted must contain elements from one of the house warming kits (large printables kit, small printables kit, housewarming digital kit, sunny backgrounds,
3. Winners will be announced on 04/01/09 by 9:00 am (CST).
4. Prizes will consist of (1) Grand Prize winner who will receive a $50
gift certificate to www.houseof3.com and a runner-up that will receive
a $25 gift certificate to spend as they wish on the www.houseof3.com
5. Both winning entries will be asked to write a brief paragraph about
their book for a feature article we will have in the create section of
the website.

We are prepared to be amazed!!

WE are working on another first… Our FIRST house Easter! Preparations for Celebrations will start on April 1st…it’s going to be awesome. We hope you plan to join in!
Here’s to a wonderfully creative and delightful weekend! Where ever you are, whatever you are doing!

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