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i just have to share these adorable photos from the big 'field trip' for Connor's PreSchool- man, he was SO excited that they were goin on a field trip! and this was the best kind- it was only 5 minutes from the house- one hour- siblings invited-snacks included!


the teacher had it all dialed in: 1. bread already broken into pieces to feed the ducks 2. paper bag with a list of fun things to collect along a nature hike 3. enthusastic hubby on hand to help 3 & 4 year-olds fish. (now that has to be a very enthusiastic man!) 

Connor LOVED every minute of this excursion! as did Capri! they had a blast… the highlight was definately catching fish! who knew!? they thought this was fantastic! it was a adorable.


Capri fish

another huge thanks goes out to Miss Linda… you rock!

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