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fitting it all in.

fitting it all in.

Last night we went to the best game, and my favorite spectator sport so far at the Olympics… handball… have you seen this? We got tickets not really knowing much about the sport, not understanding the rules and not even knowing who was playing who, or who was in contention for what….we watched a little online, and saw some of the photos that had been uploaded on  NBC’s site… but other than that… we knew nothing..
We happened to have tickets to the germany vs. denmark match… which pitted the world handball champ (deutchland) against the European champs (denmark). And what a crowd was there to support the teams. I was not prepared for such a crowd. We showed up to our best seats of the entire Olympics.. only to find really passionate Deutchlanders in our seats whom REFUSED to move. And we considered pushing the matter, and then decided that we would rather not sit around all the friends that didn’t get kicked out! we were sooo bummed though… they were like 4th row. (imagine little, young Chinese volunteer trying to get a group of rowdy, rude sports fans to move from such a pivotal game)… we were re-seated by the volunteers right into the heart of the Danish fans, and decidedly joined their cheering forces, having been SO put out by the Germans…! What an EXCITING game.. SO much fun to watch! And as I mentioned, the crowd was serious! They had a million chants, songs, cheers and were very committed to not just their team, but their country. it was awesome. not to mention the Denmark players were totally cute,  Katie and I were wondering if there was a team calendar available anywhere… !  (ha ha). Once the game was over. (Denmark won to our delight!) and it was so cool, b/c when the team won, and they were hugging and high 5-ing in the middle of the court, they turned to their fans and totally applauded their fans. They did this cool thing where the crowd started a low rumble of a cheer, stomping their feet and clapping, and the team joined hands down low, and then ran toward the crowd lifting their hands as the crowd grew louder and higher pitched… it was just cool. the celebrations spilled out into the lobby of the venue, and more songs, chanting and excitement continued well into the next game.  Needless to say, now my  boys want to play handball!


In between the Olympic festivities, we have managed to take Clark and Katie to the Great Wall – turned out to be a very nice, cool afternoon… and they yesterday morning, a successful trip to the fabric market! I love taking people there for the first time. such an adventure. Today we met w/ our local tailor and braved the masses at silk market. It’s always such an experience! Katie chose pearls for a necklace and earring set, and Clark chose ties to compliment his fabric market selections… tonight all the guys went to see boxing, they were so excited.  I am going to attempt to play catch up! Wish me luck. Katieclark



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