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flippin out

flippin out

ok, well, lets see if this works!!
i have uploaded a video to YOU TUBE…
i got this cutie ‘flip camera’… everyone has been telling me that i need one, and i finally gave into peer pressure and now i am wishing i took way more videos!! yesterday i took about 3 hours and buzzed the show the best i could. i stopped by to some of my favorites, to see if i could sweet talk some samples of newness to lug back with me to beijing! i have quite a heavy bag or bags i should say. (not to mention the cute plastic plates that i found at target, or the front facing carseat that i still need to purchase for Connor!).
now… this video was filmed literally the last 15 minutes of the show- i look so TIRED. i hate it when people tell me i look tired–i hate being tired! and the show is usually totally exhausting when you are on your own time zone… let alone jet lagged. wow, that was intense. but, this will make you feel like you came by the booth! (i think)

CHA summer video

important NOTE to SELF… record any video at the BEGINNING of the show… because at the end of the show you are practically dead!!

and actually, this photo was taken directly after the video was shot.


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