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following up.

following up.

so i have rec’d so many emails about the ‘hokkien noodle’ recipie, and seems it was hard to read, and questions about the types of veggies, what is hokkien anyway.. etc. etc. so Chanel went ahead and re-typed the recipie and posted more instruction and tips on her blog: http://www.chanel73.blogspot.com … so if you have any questions… jump over there and check it out. she has had quite a ride here during her visit… she has packed so much in! which you really have to do when you come. you just don’t have a moment to waste.  you can see some of her photos and perspective on the place. we went to the fabric market on monday (i think), and she got a whole bunch of fabric and is having dresses and blouses and pants and pjs made… i can’t wait to see it all… you may have to watch her blog to see how it turns out. she had all kinds of photos and ideas of what she wanted, and picked some gorgeous fabrics.  Chanel is my friend that is helping me with ‘Create ’08’- which is an event i am putting together in Australia (in Brisbane and Melbourne) in December. we have been doing more planning and preparing… it’s fun to have her here in real life.

so did you know that Ranger U was on right now? i am feeling quite jealous of Janet Hopkins, as she is there this weekend. i am hoping to attend via skype!! i love love love learning new techniques to use Ranger stuff!

also this weekend my brother and his wife (Cam and LaRane) are running in the st. george marathon… wanted to give them a shout out, tell them how excited and proud i am for them! and ‘run hard!’…

as for us, we’ll be having a marathon of our own sat: a marathon of soccer games.  fall is in the air!

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