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So it hasn’t been the weather holding us back from our Beijing adventures… lately it’s been the jet lag, and the catching up on school for the kids, and work for eric and I! but today we put in ½ day of seriousness and then loaded up to take Flat Stanley on a little tour of the finer things of Beijing… some of the cuisine, and of course, the Forbidden City. You would think that after 6 months of residency here, we’d have the Forbidden City already chalked up… but this was our first time there- actually inside. It is so much more intense than what you see on those National Geographic documentaries… or even Mulan – although Mulan is quite the reference point on a regular basis! I was determined to learn how to drive there myself- I want to actually start having a clue how to get a few places-and what things are what directions from the other things that I know of.   It’s just a jumble in my mind, and not having the mountains like you do in SLC, I just never know  which was is north.  The weather has been amazing. the kids have broken out their shorts (not that it’s really that warm, but it is totally spring fever). Like I said, the Forbidden City is so enormous, so expansive… it’s just holy cow HUGE. There is just no way to capture it in a photo or even on film!  You just can’t do it justice…it goes on forever, and all I could think to myself is that it would be a great place to play ‘capture the flag’ or something of the like. There are so much to check out and explore. We kept our visit today pretty brief, but we were still there a couple of hours. It takes a long time just to walk the thing… and there is a huge park behind it, that we didn’t’ even get to. Flat Stanley loved it. this was another instance where the kids got a lot of attention for being blonde and kids! they have gotten quite bold about not letting people take photos of them (for free)… we made our way up to ‘WangFuJing’ Street- which is just a big city street that no cars are allowed… has lots of shops and stuff, but the cool thing is at night there are all these little carts w/ all kinds of freaky foods…. Like you-name-it on a stick. I thought the scorpions were particularly freaky… it was so fun to look at all the different options! We did get some dumplings, some fried icecream and also my favorite, fried bananas…such a cool, interesting part of China. We successfully wore everyone out, including ME.Img_4073



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