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fresh new week!

fresh new week!


What a great weekend. There is nothing like a week in the
hospital that makes you appreciate the comforts and blessings of  H O M E!! and while I SHOULD have been
in full ‘catch up’ mode, this weekend was much more of a ‘recovery’ for me. I
feel like the whole thing really had an impact on me in many ways- I really
have a different outlook on things. 
sometimes God just works that way I believe!! I will be catching up like
crazy this week… wish me LUCK! And lots of positive, PRODUCTIVE energy!! And I
wish the same for YOU!! happy Monday!!

as you are planning out your week… plan to join us WEDNESDAY NIGHT for our House of 3 LIVE webshow… the fabulous Rhonna Farrer will be on hand to share some of her amazing DESIGN secrets… she has a whole new set of brushes that i have been playing with and they are FANTASTIC!! this will be a whole new kind of creative and you will be BLOWN away! i can't WAIT (i used them in the above 'beautiful day' thingie i made… ) you will be amazed and inspired… so PLAN on it!! Wed night… 6pacific and 9eastern… 7pm right here in the MOUNTAIN time zone!!

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