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Fresh Start Spiral Memory Planner Kit

Fresh Start Spiral Memory Planner Kit

I am SO excited to be writing this post today because not only is it about planners (which I LOVE) but NEW planners! Yes the brand new 2018 Heidi Swapp Fresh Start Memory Planners are starting to arrive.  I am the lucky one today whose job is to reveal to you all one of the planners that is part of the “Fresh Start” release.

freshstartmemoryplannerkit_unboxing (1 of 4)

Sigh….isn’t she beautiful?!?

I am obsessed with this gorgeous large coil, bold black and white…and the florals.  Give me ALL the floral please.

freshstartmemoryplannerkit_unboxing (4 of 4)

What is super special about this planner is that it comes in a kit.  So not only does one receive the gorgeous planner…but you also get a ton of other coordinating delicious goodies!  Stickers, washi, clips…yep, it’s all there.  Perfect for yourself or for a planner newbie!

freshstartmemoryplannerkit_unboxing (2 of 4)

I put together an unboxing video for your viewing pleasure so you can get an up close and personal take on this little beauty.  So get cozy, grab something yummy to drink and get ready to indulge yourself in some planner happiness!

When working in my Memory Planners, printing photos is always a top priority.  I love including them in my pages as I find my planners to be a true reflection of our day to day lives.  Not only do my pages include our daily happenings, but also the photos that I have taken along the way.

freshstartmemoryplannerkit_printingphotos (4 of 9)

I just recently purchased the Epson Picture Mate printer and right now this is the printer I am primarily using (I also cannot sing it’s praises enough…it is seriously the best!).

freshstartmemoryplannerkit_printingphotos (2 of 9)

To show you just how easy this printer is to use to print photos ( but to also create those cute little square photos that are “planner perfect ready”), I put together another video walk through so you can see just how I do it simply using my iPhone and the Epson Creative Print App.

Capturing life and recording those little bitty details of our everyday seriously does NOT get old to me.  When I see my life come alive within the pages of my planner I just cannot describe how happy it makes me.  And not because my life is perfect (because it certainly is NOT I do not care how pretty a planner can look haha) but because it is imperfect and ordinary and crazy and fun and happy and sad and exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time!  I also love that I am printing photos.  No, it might not be every one.  But it is at least one.  I love that.

freshstartmemoryplannerkit_printingphotos (6 of 9)

I am SO excited to take on 2018 and capture all of the life stuff….aren’t you?!?

freshstartmemoryplannerkit_printingphotos (7 of 9)

Hello Fresh Start! Let’s DO this!

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