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friday night info!

friday night info!

The best part of being on a diet, is that when you do eat,
everything tastes SO good! even garden burgers! But tonight, we splurged and
went to dinner with my brother and his wife and I ate the tastiest Filet EVER!
I was starving… so it was great! I didn’t eat any bread! I was really proud.
But I did have a bite (or ok, 3 bites) of dessert- way more worth the calories
than bread!  The BEST part was the
fact that we have officially graduated to a ‘built in babysitter’ status.  We have been working up to it… anyway..
tonight Connor pukes and we get a call from Colton .. ‘how do you clean up
barf…’  they did a great job, and
everything was in good order when we got home! How awesome is that! LOL! (glad i missed it!)

Picture 1



The video links are ready for the simply amazing class!
***thanks for your patience! Now we are SET! (NOTE: you must purchase the Simply Amazing class from House of 3 HERE to have access to the video portion of the class. PLEASE don't share the info!!!)


I have been working on my SILHOUETTE stuff today! I learned
sooo much! Ok, I am just so excited, I have to share:


Forever yours
Be mine

and Rhonna's got new one's TOO! here is just a peek:



I am not sure when they will be UP on the site, but us House
of 3
girls are furiously working to get TONS of NEW House of 3 content up on
the Silhouette store before our big WEB SHOW on Wednesday!! If you are
wondering what the heck a Silhouette is, and what it does… AND why we LOVE it
so much… then all your questions will be answered and you won’t want to miss
Wednesday’s show… we have a very special guest from Silhouette that will show
us the whole thing, and then we’ll play, show and tell, and give away free
stuff!! ** to get free stuff, you have to be there! of course, as i mentioned (and i am so thrilled..) we are GIVING a MACHINE AWAY!! +we will have a sweet deal on a machine through House of 3!! wink wink! …. did you see what Donna Downey did w/ her Silhouette?? she is the 'featured artist' this week and i LOVE LOVE that page… awesome.


WISHING you all a delightful sunday!

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