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You may be wondering what kinds of things that ranked high enough to earn space in my 2 bags that I brought back with me!
1.    sugar free mints. I love mints, and you just can’t get these good sugar free ones!Img_8043

2. Sippy cups…this was a biggie. I found ones that had Elmo, they were a huge hit!
3. DS games… and I got Cory a DS. They are into Pokemon and Guitar Hero, but I also picked up an educational game, and they are having fun with it as well.
4. cliff bars and protein drink mix. That stuff is HEAVY.
5. pj’s for the babies. They are so cute, and they grow so fast! I got Capri cute princess nightgown, and also got her some princess shoes. They are a definite ‘outfit’ as far as she is concerned.
6. wallpaper.  I got some of that cool ‘paintable’ wallpaper. I will show it when we use it. it’s just white for now.
7. books; little ones for the babies, and chapter books for Quincy. Colton and Cory are all set with Harry Potter.
8. exercise socks that wick
9. shirts E found on ‘steep and cheap’
10. fake nails for quincy

that was the bulk of the ‘necessities’… the rest was me cramming in as much scrapbook stuff as I could. I got as much paper as I could… Tim ideaology stuff, new sticky canvas paper by Claudine Helmuth, by Ranger…and she introduced some beautiful colors of paint, and gel medium. Did you hear that there are new ‘distress stickles’? I scored some of the ‘worn lipstick’. It’s really shiny. this ‘archival ink’ works great with my stamps…and i stopped by the Fiskars booth, and they have a bunch of really impressive new products coming out. a NEW trimmer, that I was in love with, and 2 new stamping tools…but this is something that isn’t new, just new to me! it’s their free-style cutter "ultra shape xpress". you can use it w/ a template, or just freehand.. it’s awesome. i don’t do a ton of exacto-type cutting, but this will make that kind of thing a breeze. i was loving it! Fiskars even released a trimmer that you can put your iPod on and it has speakers on it and stuff… i had to laugh, but so cooL!
It’s all a huge mess, I am trying to get up the energy to put everything away, unpack and get settled back in. I am so happy that it’s the weekend so I can recover!  while the sleeping thing is out of whack… the digestion schedule is always totally thrown off! hungry at weird times!  … good to be home.

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