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Friendship Glimmer kit class

Friendship Glimmer kit class


looking forward to March 17th…….i will be teaching 2 springy projects and lots of Glimmery techniques!

the first project is just a super fun and technique-filled mini book

Bonus project

we'll be taking apart the mini-book that is included in this kit and creating a 2nd mini-book that has a twist!! : a fold out SPRING banner!  i'll be showing you just what i did to make this and how to create your banner to say anything you want! …

i just want to explain a few unique specials that Tattered Angels is offering for this LIVE event…
we wanted you to be able to purchase the stuff to participate early enough to have it shipped to you. i have heard from SO many people, that either they have NEVER used Glimmer Mist, or they only have a bottle or 2 and they don't really know what to do with it..OR…they aren't sure WHICH colors to buy to get started. this is just a way to get you TRYING it out with some special pricing! 

ok, here is a run down:


Heidi package
ok, so if you are a NEWBIE to the Tattered Angels GLimmery WOrLD… these are some things that you might not have.. and now would be a good time to grab them!
 this is the Friend kit + 5 2oz  bottles of great colors i love+a stamp set+a huge box of Glimmer Screens…

if you were to buy all this stuff at regular price, it's over $100..….however if you grab it now, you can buy it for $80!  like i said, this is the ultimate, EVERYTHING i'll be using in the webshow

if you want to start a little slower, but still be able to join in the fun on March 17th… you can grab this 'Friendship Glimmer Kit'... it comes with a 6" mini book, a swirly screen, 3 bottles of one ounce glimmer mist, a few other extras and a FULL set of 3 piece alphabets. This whole kit is normally $34.99 and right now you can get it for $25. awesome deal!

now… if you are wanting to add to your Glimmer Mist collection, this is your chance! normally, glimmer mist is $6.95 a bottle… but i have chosen 5 great colors- that i find myself using all the time, and look FAB with the colors in the friend glimmer kit… and Tattered Angels is giving one bottle for FREE when you buy 4! so that is 5 bottles for the price of 4… so normally, 5 bottles would cost: $34.75 and with this deal, you get them each for about $5.50. more than a buck off each bottle!   The colors included are: Sweet Pea, Cherry Blossom, Sunshine, Cherub Pink, Black Cherry and Tiger Lily. 

there are some other things in there that you may want to pick up… APRON, stamps, screens, tweezers… or you can buy the colors as you like as well.   click HERE and it will take you to all this stuff!

or you can just join me on March 17th… FOR FREE.. and just watch and learn! we have a great time LIVE! … and if you can't be there live, you can watch the recorded version whenever and as many times as you like!

as i mentioned… i just want to make sure i get the word out on these awesome offers in time to order stuff. hey- tell your friends and get a bunch of girls together to create! how fun would that be!

Oh, i almost forgot… one more thing… the color masters at Tattered Angels have mixed a new color that is ONLY for this St. Patricks Day. it's called "LUCKY" and it's ONLY $5.00. they have only mixed a limited number and then it will disappear… i got my bottle of LUCKY the other day-and it's a beautiful grass green color with a golden glimmer…i'll show you the card i made when i get a chance to photograph it! anyway, you might want to grab it too!

you'll need a misting mat and a brayer…

the misting mats are hard to find, so also check with your local store!


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