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fringe scissors

fringe scissors

be sure to catch my show at My Craft Channel today, and then get your hands on some FRINGE scissors! they are so much fuN! i am addicted! this is a MUST WATCH to the end so you can check out how to make these KILLER HUGE tissue paper bows:

just FYI… here is the link to the Christmas book shown on the show: HERE

i have been SO SICK the last few days- well, almost a week now! and there still so much left to do to get ready for the CHA show! i have been dragging… i hate to be sick. i have had NO energy and it just seems like everything is going at slow motion! i felt a little better today… started my day off w/ a little mixture of Musinex, Excederine, Vitamin C and a protein shake– did me right, i feel like a human today and actually got a bunch of HAVE-TO-Do’s done. yay!  Sorry that i have been so lame at sharing on my blog and on FB etc. For the next week, i will be in hyperdrive to get my stuff ready for the CHA show. CHA stands for ‘Craft and Hobby Show’ and the Winter installment is the biggest and best show of the year. It’s held in Anaheim and starts on Jan 29. I really can’t believe it’s almost here. i leave in about a week… and i have a long list of preparations!

i will have a booth and be showing off my new products…3 collections of papers, embellishments, stamps, and stuff– all sparkly, and happy goodness, perfect for ‘making pretty things’.  The booth has been so much fun to plan; it will be interesting to see how it all comes together- i have these beautiful window displays that i will be changing each day of the show- so hopefully everyone will come by everyday to check them out!  in celebration of the BIG debut, next week i will be sending out some ‘Sneak Peek’ emails each day– if you are intersted in seeing what i have been working on be sure to join my Newsletter list, and then expect an email everyday next week. (the emails will tapper off drastially after next week, i assure you!) you can sign up on my website  (that is still under construction, but almost readY!) www.heidiswapp.com

don’t miss a thing!

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