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from beijing! safe and sound!

from beijing! safe and sound!

Day two!
And I just finally got a shower! And it’s amazing how good that feels when you REALLY need one! Things are great here… we have managed to upack the 18 pieces of luggage that we brought… (not including the 6 carry-ons) and everything is put ‘away’. And I think I will be able to find it again. Man, we brought so much stuff, and I keep thinking of things that I need, or wish I had brought in place of all the CLOTHES. If I had it to do over again, I would do it all differently… but then again, I would never want to go through all that packing again. At least not the packing to sell the house, packing to move to another country and packing stuff I want now, and stuff I will see in a month. That whole ‘hind sight is 20/20’ gets you every time!
We have been soooo blessed on our journey! For starters, we had so much help and support getting out the door on Monday. Thanks everyone, for being there… and helping with the crunch! Cassie brought Alyssa to play w/ the kids… they all had a great time running around, jumping on the tramp and roller blading. Susan brought a big Mexican lunch, and that totally hit the spot. Shelly was in town she and Cassie helped with babies, errands and packing… anything and everything. Em of course was on hand to help with all the packing and everything… it was a MAD HOUSE. Ty and Kiley showed up to help too! It took ALL OF US to pull it all off. The biggest pain was trying to get the luggage all weighing the right amounts. We were allowed 14 pieces at 50lbs. it would cost extra for overweight and extra bags. So even down to the last minute, we were juggling stuff trying to get each bag maximized. In the end, we had 17 pieces, and at the airport, ended up having to stuff extra weight into an 18th bag. We just were happy to be there and get on the plane. We did stop at INandOUT on the way to the airport for our last meal! That was a treat I am sure we will appreciate! We were the last ones to board that plane. Early in the afternoon we got a call from United telling us that our flight from phx to LA had been cancelled. That paniced me…but then we found out we were moved to a flight at 8:45pm. That bought us an extra hour that we TOTALLY needed. So turned out to be a total blessing.
We arrived in LA around 10 and immediately hooked up with Kylee. We got all checked into our Air China flight, and had to do the security check again… that was a project! We just hung out for a bit there in the terminal and all the kids were so good. They heeleed around a bit and there were some stairs on hand for Capri to climb up and down 50 times. The flight left LA around 1:30am Tuesday morning. Everyone was super tired, and pretty much immediately fell asleep, and slept for about 7 hours. The flight was 12 hour total. The kids were soooo good. They read, and watched DVD and roamed the flight a bit. Even the babies were just so good. We were thrilled. The plane arrived here in Beijing around 5am and we cleared customs no problem, gathered all our luggage and James, David and Scott (the guys that work w/ eric) were there to pick us up w/ 2 small (too small) vans. We shoved everything in the vans, and got an extra taxi to bring us home. Eric just kept looking over at me saying, “are we really here… are we really here to move?” –so excited.
We got here to our home, and the kids came in and totally loved it. it’s a great set up. Totally perfect. Tons of room. All tile and plenty of run-around room. First thing we went to a restaurant that has ‘western’ food, and had breakfast. We walked there.. .about a mile. The kids could check out the neighborhood and see the skate park/pool and stuff like that. They were loving it. I am sure the people at the restaurant were happy when we left. The kids were pretty wound up.
We had these 2 vans for the day to help us get what we needed. Knowing what to get and what we needed was stressing me out. We sent James to the grocery store, and E and I went to Ikea for just a few essentials. We got as much unpacking done as possible… I made some quick spaghetti for dinner, and by 7o’clock the kids were seriously sleeping in their spaghetti. We all went to bed. Connor and Capri were up about 2 (for the DAY)… then quincy got up. Eric and I were still SO tired, so we turned on a movie hoping to distract them. They went back to sleep around 5am, and Colton and Cory were up at 6. I was really thankful that Kylee was here, she got up with them about 6 – got them breakfast and gave us a little while longer to sleep. I forgot how hard it is to get kids body clocks to change.
Today we have gotten everything else unpacked, and put away- need to make another trip to the store for more essential stuff… but it’s feeling more comfortable and livable.
I have just taken a shower and Capri is sleeping.. Connor is trying to sleep and Kylee has the kids at the skate park. The kids have been meeting all the neighbors. They are cruising the neighborhood on their boards. We have this ramp-style driveway that is quite steep.. so that is perfect for them! LOL. Colton is so excited about learning to speak Chinese. He keeps asking people how to say stuff, and was looking stuff up in the English/Chinese dictionary trying to figure out how to pronouce stuff. He is going to learn in a flash. We have a family w/ 4 kids next door… not the same ages, but already playing hide and seek and soccer in the neighborhood. They are home schooling as well.
Our internet is not set up yet, so we are pilfering from an unknown wireless source. But we have to stand right by the east window to get any signal.
Looking forward to our mattresses coming, but I was so tired last night, that it didn’t matter how hard the bed was!
Anyway… things are GREAT here!
we are happy, and excited- alls well!!!!
It rained last night, so the pollution was totally cleaned out and there is a beautiful blue sky!
Thanks for al the prayers and support!
Mom—we love the pillowcases… that was a fun surprise! We were so excited for that!
I am attaching our new family photo that we had taken right before we left (Sunday) on our beautifully manicured grass!!!

my email won’t go out… so annoying! hoping we’ll get that figured out…
i will try to be a better blogger… we are going to go out to a big park today… will have to try to post some pics later!


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