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from CABO!!

from CABO!!

well, if you have never been to Cabo San Lucas… you should come! for sure! it's fabulous… for us, it's only a short 2 hour plane ride… same time zone, and perfect weather every single day- which means a guaranteed sunburn! (for us first-time-in-the-suners)… we are having a blast… and done absolutely NOTHING to prove it! acutally- i shouldn't say that- i burned through my book in the first day (Hunger Games) and so i had to download the second one (Catching Fire- both by Suzanne Collins)… great stuff! it's just really a much needed time to relax!! i am going to be so man at myself for not taking more photos.. but i just can't be bothered! that is a sign of a true  vacation!!


 HOWEVER… even though i am here having a totally blissful, relaxing holiday… THE SHOW MUST GO ON!! which means that your friend, and mine.. our very own Janet Hopkins will be broadcasting tonight and sharing SUCH A GREAT idea for 3 new scrapbook pages… (are you keeping up?) … plus a SUPER FAB, adorable page that you will want to scrap-lift for sure!… so DO NOT MISS tonight… serioulsy cooL! i will be here chatting from Cabo! so i will not be missing it either…  i only wish that i had my scrapbook stuff here, so i could create…i am so excited for what she is showing you! it will be an eye opener! COOL STUFF…

so, until then, i'll be at the beach…


keep in mind, the LIVE SHOW starts at 7pm Mountain Standard Time…

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