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from my home, my heart & my family to you.

from my home, my heart & my family to you.

Today I am excited to share a very sentimental post that comes from Lindsay Bateman. We got talking about TRADITIONS, and how important it is to document them- and HOW to document them. At this time…FOOD plays such an integral role in our family celebrations… Today Lindsay shares a unique recipe passed down through her family. I loved reading her sentiments:

I love traditions.  As the holiday season begins around the world, a special magic seems to fill the air.  I like to think of this magic as traditions, events that happen only once a year and because of that are truly truly special.

For myself, one really treasured memory and tradition in my family surrounds food and food preparation.  For as long as I can remember, the months of October through November were always busy ones.  They were busy creating and preparing many of my families favourite foods and dishes that we were to enjoy eating and celebrate during the holiday season.

My grandmother Pauline was always a huge role in creating the traditions within my family.  The knowledge, stories, skills and recipes that she shared with her family, her grandchildren and great grandchildren are probably one of her greatest legacies.  We lost this beautiful lady in April of 2005.

I am Ukranian and a lot of the meals that we share as a family during the holidays are dishes that are hand prepared.  One particular dish that I wanted to share for many reasons is a recipe on how to make Potato Cheddar Perogies.  Not only is this one of my families all time favourite holiday dishes, but is a recipe that holds a lot of meaning, tradition and story for me.

Ever since I can remember, every Fall the women in my family would gather together and sit and make batches and batches of handmade, homemade perogies for the holidays.  I always enjoyed this day as a young girl.  I remember loving to watch my grandma, my mother, and my aunts working together to honour and create this family tradition.  I fondly remember warm conversation, lots of laughter, coffee and sharing as they worked away for hours and hours with their hands to create such a well loved treat.  It is really something to watch just how much work it is to create traditional foods, each one made with the work of two hands, with such precision, detail and care.  The power that cultures and foods have to connect us as human beings is so remarkable.  Those moments and now memories have become such a huge part of everyones personal story.  I am so grateful for that.  It has shaped us and continues to influence and affect us all, even today and very well into the future.  I know that this recipe and knowledge will continue for generations to come.

What I did not realize then, that I know and cherish now is how important those observations and memories would be to me now as a grown women.  Watching and learning from them, I am now able to carry on this very special memory and continue the legacy even when my grandmother is no longer physically with us.  I think that is one of the most beautiful and amazing parts about connection…that we can still hold on to one another through our memories, stories and traditions.  Her spirit and influence will forever be a part of our lives and our holidays as the food she taught us to create and enjoy graces our tables during the holiday season.  I am so grateful for this knowledge and the ability to continue to pass it on to the younger generations in my family now.  Unfortunately some of my younger cousins never had the opportunity to meet my (and their) grandmother before she passed away.  The amazing thing is that through her recipes and her stories I know they feel connected to her and that she is and forever will continue to be a part of their lives and their story.

This year, I wanted to create a project that celebrated and honoured some of my families most cherished and treasured holiday recipes and meals.  This could very well even be the beginnings of a new holiday tradition to be created in my family!  What I am doing is using the gorgeous Heidi Swapp Memory Display Stand to house all of the recipes I am going to collect from my family members.  They are each going to contribute a recipe that is important to them and I am going to compile them into my Memory Stand to enjoy every holiday season.  What is beautiful about the memory stand is that not only can it house recipes (among MANY other ideas, projects etc.), but individuals can also include a memorable photo from the holidays that they relate the recipe to and want to contribute with it.  Not only is this a great way to collect and celebrate family history and memories, but what a beautiful handmade gift this would be to exchange as well!

To start off the memory stand with my recipe I created a few tabbed cards to begin separating the varying recipes into categories that I will be receiving from family members.  For these cards I used black Bazzill cardstock and SugarChic cardstock.  I then created tabs for the sides of my cards using my Silhouette and SugarChic papers.  The first recipe included on the memory stand is my recipe for Potato Cheddar Perogies.  To create this  I simply typed the recipe up in a word processing program.  I then added a few Heidi Swapp Digital Elements to the recipe.  I used elements from her Adjectives Digital Kit as well as from her Instaframe Digital Kit.  I then added a Digital Banner Delight to the top of the recipe card and finished it off by adhering a disco heart to the side.  I changed the background paper in the stand to a customized Color Shine background using a piece of Color Magic paper and Chartreuse Color Shine ( a personal favourite of mine).  For a finishing touch I used some seam binding ribbon in both Chartreuse and Mustard and tied the ribbon pieces to one of the rings.

Potato Cheddar Perogies:


6 cups all purpose flour

3 eggs

1 pinch salt

water as needed

5 pounds potatoes, peeled

1 pound shredded cheddar cheese

salt and pepper to taste

onion salt to taste

garnish: sour cream & bacon bits



1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.  Add potatoes and cook until tender, but firm.  Approximately 15 minutes, then drain.

2. Combine flour, eggs and salt.  Mix in a little water until dough is somewhat stiff.  Roll dough into small sections about 1/4 inch thick on a floured surface.  Using a large biscuit cutter or drinking glass, make circle cuts.

3. To make filling: mix together potatoes, cheese, salt, pepper and onion salt.  Fill each with 1-2 tbsp of potato cheese mixture, fold over and pinch edges closed.  To cook the perogies bring a large pot of water to a boil.  Drop perogies in, stirring once.  They are cooked when they begin to float on the top.  Drain and serve hot.  Garnish with sour cream and bacon bits.

I hope that you are inspired and want to make this recipe to enjoy during your holiday season!  Know that this is a recipe filled with a lot of really special memories and moments and I am really honoured and feel so blessed to share the knowledge and history of my culture and family with all of you.

I will admit, this sounds delish!

What are some of the FOOD traditions in your family? Do you have a certain aunt or sister that has a specialty that she makes every year?  What are you doing to document those recipes and memories this year? Taking quick phone pics of the food this year will be SO easy- I think it would be a wonderful keepsake to keep all these special recipes all together on a Memory Display stand, along w/ pictures and memories ALL about the holidays!


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