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from Sydney!

from Sydney!


It’s Sunday night, and we are just gathering and organizing everything
that we need for tomorrow morning’s “Mistified” event here in Sydney… today was
such a beautiful day, and we had a chance to roam around a bit- check out the
Sydney Opera House- WOW! It’s such an amazing building, and story…so
fascinating! But I think that the best part of the day was just the ‘people
watching’… there have been people from all walks of life- and the streets and cafes
and parks were FULL of people out enjoying the day! we did finally get a good
and full night’s sleep last night, and will again tonight, so we will be all
rested up for tomorrow’s classes… BTW, we have figured out all our kits etc,
and have been able to open a few more spots for Brisbane- so if you are
interested, you can go HERE to the Tattered Angels website to register, and
then email me HERE to let us know to count on you! and if you were UNABLE to
attend Mistified, and you would like information on purchasing any of the kits…
you can email me HERE, and you can purchase kits from us, and we can send them
out while we are still here! that will save a ton on shipping. Just let me know
if you have any questions!

just thought i'd update w/ a bunch of photos…here's wendy passing out my class kits… they are packed in these NEW boxes- they are just gorgeous! and you should SEE how absolutely packed the boxes are full of TONS of good stuff!!


look how fab this is!! it was my b-day on friday at Mistified… and my sweet friends arranged to have this huge plate of "lamingtons"… delish little cakes w/ choc. and coconut coverings!! so yum!


i LOVED visiting the Opera House- gorgeous!


now, this is a classic shot- here is wendy driving on the LEFT SIDE of the road! (i am trying not to be discriminatory by calling it the 'wrong' side of the road!) i was SO impressed w/ wendy's skills! she picked up the whole left side of the road like a champ!

the highlight of coming down to Australia is getting to see my sweet friend Chanel- how awesome it has been to have a few days w/ her! i feel so blessed to have such awesome friends!

so we ate dinner right at the water's edge by the opera house- the food was fantastic… and we had a great time- perfect weather! loving it!-um, no 'free' refills!
ok, must get some sleep … big day tomorrow!


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