Heidi Swapp | fun with maskS!
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fun with maskS!

so… always people are asking me what my favorite product is… and i can tell you, that it’s impossible to pick a favorite! i love it all so much! however… i have to admit, that i am quite proud of the masks… the creative, artistic, non-conformist soul inside me really likes the masks… i love the versitility… i love that we were able to find a material that would fit the vision in a really cost-effective way. i love that there are so many possibilities…and… admittedly… i love to use spray paint. anyway… it just flat out makes me happy when people use masks… and enjoy the results… the first time someone uses a mask, and they remove it to reveal the design, there is such a thrill because it’s so easy and effective!  so yesterday morning i woke up to an email from Randi at Scrapfriends forwarding me their design teams review of my masks! it was so fun to hear these scrapbookers thoughts and insights and experiences about the masks! they ALL liked them!

heidi masks!  check out the link! i thought it was so fun to see the different ways these girls used the masks. and i felt inspired to post a layout i did with one of my first homemade, handcut prototype that liz made a long time ago. but i love this layout. i pulled an article from a skate mag that was white on black and then sprayed yellow and red paint over the top… then i took a beat up box, and some vinyl letters in different sizes and sprayed the box with the 2-tone spray paint as well… dang.. i loved it! almost as much as i love the rocket power underwear hanging out of his shorts as he’s jumping! Flamemask

there is a very real danger associated with having spray paint laying around! i have little vandals in my midst… not really sure WHO could have done this… i have some suspicions… (their names start with Q and A)…..