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I has to be bad when I resort to this!

What is it, you ask? 

Gargling with HOT salt water… I hate it. When I was little my mom would always make me gargle w/ the salt water if I complained of a sore throat. I learned to NEVER tell her if I had a sore throat, well, that is until it became completely unbearable!  But you know, it works! it always works like a charm. You have to do it 2-3 times a day… maybe more if you are really desperate for results… you have to heat it, and get it as hot as you can possibly stand, and pour enough salt, that it grosses you out!!  How is that for a recipe!

It’s a wonder that someone hasn’t started packaging some of these “remedeys”… can’t you just see it on a shelf-  cute label- w/ some great marketing behind it… “Natural Remedys”… salt water in a microwaveable container with the instructions : “heat for 1 minute and gargle”… maybe it comes in a 3 pack.  I have tried the cough drops, and the sore throat meds.. but still, it hurts so much! Really, it’s just a full-blown cold! I am going to have to catch up on some sleep and rest… which is hard to do when you need to catch up on everything else!  This is sounding a lot like WHINING!! Sorry about that.


I do love this photo though… look how cute my little studio was decorated for the Webshow last night! How can Valentines’ Day NOT be your favorite!? There is just so much cuteness!! Last night’s show was something of a CELEBRATION for the House of 3! We are 2 years old now…and we are so proud of all that has been accomplished in that time!


Over the last year, we have put on a LIVE webshow every Wednesday night- there were a few weeks we had to skip for one reason or another…but for the most part…it was a pretty huge undertaking! And admittedly, while it’s a major amount of work… a delight to do! I love doing the webshow… I love being pushed to create projects to share (without a deadline, I am nothing); I love having all the cute decorations; I love the interaction with all our House of 3 friends…it’s just been a lot of fuN! Last night, we announced that the weekly webshow will be a pay-per-view show… and ONLY cost $2.99! we are planning all kinds of cool things, and trying new things- and I am so excited to see how it evolves… you can join in by buying a ticket at Ustream- right on our show page… the first 10 minutes of the show is free… and then you will be asked to buy a ticket- next week will be our first time and we have some amazing Valentine inspiration and projects to share…..so plan on joining us!



That is next Wed Feb 9th. … here are some supplies i will be working with…


we have lots of fun stuff planned for next week! watch for some sneaks! I am compiling all the winners RIGHT NOW for the prizes we announced last night… watch for that post on the House of 3 blog… i'll let you know!


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