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I didn’t realize that it’s been so long since I blogged. Where has the time gone? I have been working, working. Day and night in full blown catch up mode…and you know what is amazing, when you can totally and completely focus on something.. things come together. It’s been such a creative week for me, and thus everything else is a blur. I am going to have to dial back into reality for a bit tomorrow- Colton is turning 11 on Wednesday. And similarly to every birthday, I have wished I could bop over to target and pick up everything needed for presents, parties and wrapping. Smirk. 2 days to pull it all together. This is colton’s 2nd birthday celebrated in China- how is that for crazy!?

So I wish that I could show off some of the samples of the CHA winter stuff that I have been working on, but they are under wraps for awhile. But I can tell you that they are all about “FUN”… making scrapbooking FUN again! The colors fresh and bright and designs totally accommodating for creating. I’m pretty excited, and inspired. Makes me happy.  Well, that was the thrust of the week thru Thursday, and then I did a massive ‘gear-switch’:

Digital scrapbooking.

True confessions:
1.    the digi stuff has both fascinated and intimidated me. Some of my favorite inspiration for scrapbooking has come from magazine advertising. I love it. I would LOVE to have formal training in Graphic Design…I wish I had that skill set!… and at the same time, just couldn’t be bothered with learning Photoshop… mostly, I have just been jealous of people with that skill set.
2.    i feel inspired by the possibilities and overwhelmed by the learning curve.  You can create anything digitally…I have realized that I have to actually DO digi scrapbooking to start imagining new applications etc.
3.    in the past, I have told myself that without the REAL dimension and 3D elements… it’s not ‘real’ scrapbooking…but, REAL SCRAPOOKING is not about the medium…it’s about CAPTURING the memory, and the moment. Anything that does that, qualifies.
4.    I think I might be addicted. I haven’t done much, but I am trying! I like the ‘no clean up” aspect. I have learned so much in the last couple days. Pretty excting.
5.    It  certainly makes sense for my non-local scrapbook store situation…how great to have a never declining supply, and no need for adhesive! (down to my last bottle of glossy accents)

Ok, so having confessed it all, now I am going to admit to you, that I am totally intimidated to be posting these pages. These are officially my first digital scrapbook pages ever.  I am sure that they will look like NOVICE pages…(they are!).  the ‘digi-boutique’ on my website will be opening (behind schedule-all my fault)… and I am quite excited and intrigued by the whole thing. As I have been playing around, I have been thinking of all kinds of things that I wish I had access to… and all I have to do is create it!  pretty amazing. (could I order up a few more hours in the day!?)   So anyway.. here they are! I wonder if down the road I will look back on these pages and laugh kind of how I do my early scrapbook pages.
These pages are created from the 3 kits that will be available on my site… there will be kits, brushes, fonts, alphabets, and a few embellshments… and definitely more to come!!



I am going to go to bed early and mentally, emotionally and physically prepare for a great Monday… the start to a fantastically productive and creative week. (a birthday party and start of a diet to boot!) going to need a good nights sleep.



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