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are you the type that goes out and braves the crowds and gets the good deals on Christmas stuff for next year? CHECK THIS OUT!!! : for THIS WEEK ONLY… we are offering our FABULOUS christmas content at a 50% discount!! (the discount shows up at check out) this is ONLY good until FRIDAY… so grab it all up while you can! we have also created a digital BUNDLE that will make it easy to get all our goodies at an amazing price! this will allow you to get a jump on your holiday creating NEXT YEAR (ugh, if you can even think about it!!)…LOL!! there are tons of amazing elements in here(some printable and some digital!) … now… what if you are NOT feeling digital/hybrid savvy…? well… make it a goal to get your groove on this year… stick with us, and make the commitment to yourself to LEARN a few things!! you would be SURPRISED at how EASY it really is to do a few fabulous things. you will be GLAD you did!!  TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! we have some AMAZING things planned for 2010 at House of 3…it's going to be a big BIG year!


today is the first day i have even picked up my cell phone since the 23rd! i haven't looked at my email or facebook or ANYTHING! (it's been so mellow)! we had a wonderful, fabulous christmas! we had family in town… and the kids just had a blast! and that is what christmas is all about! Eric and his bro took the boys snowboarding on Christmas and they LOVED the empty ski hills! (i loved the quiet!) we had a great day… all quincy wanted for Christmas was 'clothes'… i thought that didn't start until like age 12! what is up w/ that? the top of her list: 'skinny jeans'… so we spent the day doing photoshoots of quincy in her different clothes and i got a start working on a 'Quincy' Calendar…  we ran out of options… so i just started doing funny stuff.


it's just going to be a 5×7 calendar!

here's another fun one:

we had so much fun while the boys were freezing their butts off!

anyway… i am getting serious now! me and my House of 3 friends have been working on a FABULOUS class that we'll be offering starting in January! MORE TO COME… but it's all about GOALS, resolutions and getting the MOST out of 2010!! I'm so ready to have the BEST year of my life (so far!) i can just feel that 2010 is going to be simply AMAZING! but i know that these things don't just HAPPEN you have to MAKE things happen! and that is why i LOVE a new start!! we will be offering a physical kit that you can purchase (more details coming tomorrow) and a whole bunch of fab downloadable tools that will help to PLAN and EXECUTE the goals that you are setting for this new year! EVEN IF you hate resolutions or 'don't do'goals… this class will help you CREATE an amazing year. i think that we are all ready to breathe! and to dream…and make some MAGIC!! are you in??

BE WATCHING… BE THINKING!! plan to join us!! it's going to be FANTASTIC!!


this is an IMPORTANT announcement!!

i will be doing a LIVE WEBCAST on WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 7pm MOUNTAIN TIME (6pm pacific and 9pm Eastern) i will have a link up tomorrow… it's an ALL GLIMMER MIST class!! check HERE for a sweet deal on the 'home for the holiday's' kit that i will be using in my web class! stay tuned!!

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